Of COURSE 'Bachelorette' Alum Daniel — AKA The Canadian — Has An OnlyFans Account

DANIEL MAGUIRE on 'Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise' in 2016
ABC/Richard Harbaugh

After his infamous runs on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, Daniel Maguire is doing even more reality television. Not only was he on Million Dollar Matchmaker in 2017, but he also appeared on the Australian BiP in early 2019. His season of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love premiered late last year.

Of all the shows he's been on, Daniel told PopCulture.com that filming Ex on the Beach was the most difficult. "I felt like I was in high school or college, living in the dorms," he said, adding that being stuck in the house was difficult. "In the beginning, the fighting and the arguing to me was entertaining, but it got really old really quick."

Still, he's used to the drama, and he doesn't mind having somewhat of a bad reputation. "If I cared about what people think, I would not go on these shows!" he told Elle Australia after he was eliminated from BiP. "My family knows who I am, all my friends know who I am, and I know who I am. So I can go on these shows, act a certain way or behave in certain ways, to basically create entertainment. And that's the reason I keep getting asked to go on these shows — because it's entertaining!"

Aside from a short stint on the David Oulton-hosted show Face to Face with David, it's unclear whether Daniel has more reality TV appearances lined up. However, he told Elle Australia that he'd be up for going to Paradise again. "If I get paid, I'll do anything," he said. "Part of it is a money incentive, obviously. I can only take it seriously if it's the right girl. I'm not gonna fake it.... I like to have a paid vacation and have fun, wherever it's gonna be."

As for his love life, Daniel doesn't appear to be dating anyone right now. But he's still working as a model and personal trainer, in addition to posting a staggering number of ab selfies. He also has an OnlyFans account, which he joked on Instagram that he launched because he needed "some new LV and Chanel." At least he's not alone.