Why Haley's 'BiP' Experience Will Be Way Different From The Last Time She Was On The Show

Rick Rowell/ABC

Haley Ferguson and her identical twin sister, Emily, came into Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor as a package deal. Unfortunately, Ben didn't see a future with either of them and they were sent home, only to show up again on Bachelor In Paradise Season 4. Since then, Haley seems to have put her focus on other things besides love, but is now ready to give it another shot for Season 6. Emily, meanwhile, has found a relationship outside of Bachelor Nation — so no, she won't be joining her twin down in Mexico, in case you were wondering.

During Bachelor In Paradise Season 4, Haley and Emily didn't make the best impression. They came in toward the end of the season, made a lot of mean comments about their co-stars — including calling Danielle Lombard and Taylor Nolan "ugly, shallow whores" and saying Jack Stone looked like a "serial killer" — and then went home still single. Afterward, they seemed to regret how things went down.

"We said some really, really awful things that we wish we could take back," Haley told Us Weekly. "So that's the only thing that we would do differently." Emily agreed, saying, "It looked bad and we apologized to all the girls that we hurt and we called names because that's not fair. You should never tear down someone's physical appearance.”

Now, Emily is dating a Swedish hockey player named William Karlsson, who she's been with for over a year (the two made things Instagram official in January 2018). But even though she has a new man in her life, Emily is still as close as ever with Haley, and the two spend a lot of time together. When they're not hanging out, Haley seems really devoted to her Pilates practice, and has even been certified to teach her own classes at Core Pilates in Las Vegas. While Pilates makes for a great workout, it's also about breathing and focusing, which will probably help Haley stay grounded while navigating the chaos of Paradise. Videos of her practice are all over her Instagram, and some of them are pretty amazing to watch — so bendy! So flexible! So strong!

Other than that, Haley seems like she's been up to the stuff that most other former Bachelor Nation stars are doing — getting endorsements, doing photo shoots, hanging with other members of Bachelor Nation, and trying to adjust back into the real world while navigating reality TV fame. She's also doing normal things like attending friends wedding and, you know, just having fun with her life.

It appears that both Haley and Emily have grown up a lot since the last time we saw them onscreen, which makes sense — they were barely in their 20s when they were initially cast, which isn't exactly the picture of maturity. Hopefully this time around, Haley's time on Bachelor In Paradise will go more smoothly. And hey, maybe she'll even come out of it with a new boyfriend. She and Emily could double date!