How Hannah G. Expanded Her Influencer Empire Since Colton's 'Bachelor' Season

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Hannah G. was already a low-key Instagram influencer before she went on The Bachelor, with nearly 50,000 followers, according to INSIDER. After Colton's Bachelor season, Hannah G. is up to a million followers, and she's turned that influence into opportunity. Hannah recently launched a clothing collection in collaboration with JustFab, combining her popularity with her passion for fashion.

Hannah does a lot of traveling, often to tropical places, all of which she documents on her 'gram for her followers to see and "like." As such, her JustFab collection includes a lot of swimsuits along with eye-catching purses, chic shoes, and some more staple pieces like dresses, shorts, and tops.

The reality star announced the collection on her Instagram (where else?) in mid-July, with a lengthy caption about how excited she was. "I've always used fashion to express myself so it’s an actual DREAMMMM for me to finally announce my clothing collection Getaway x Hannah G.," she wrote. "This collection embodies some of my favorite staples! The easy, transitional pieces (with a bit of edge) can take you from work to din, to running errands, and even a possible last minute getaway effortlessly! I can’t wait to watch you guys style your pieces. Xo."

Ever since the launch, Hannah's been wearing some of the looks herself, like this fun red top.

She's not the only Bachelor Nation star with a clothing line. Raven Gates had her own boutique called Grey Suede even before going on The Bachelor. And, not long ago, JoJo Fletcher launched her own clothing brand called Fletch. Hannah seems to be a fan, because she was spotted filming BiP in one of the Fletch swimsuits.

Aside from making her fashion design dreams come true, Hannah has been busy filming BiP with her Bachelor Nation friends and hanging out with those Bachelor Nation buddies outside of the show too. In March, she posted on Instagram about going on Kaitlyn Bristowe's podcast Off The Vine. And, in May, she posted a photo of her, Heather, Demi, and Katie all spending time together. In the caption she mentioned that she was also excited for her friend Hannah B. to start her Bachelorette journey — so Hannah G. is keeping those Colton season friendships alive and well

Oh, and and she went to Coachella, of course. She is an Instagram influencer after all. Or, as she put it in her Bachelor bio, a "content creator."

If things go well for her in Paradise, her followers could start seeing content with her and another member of Bachelor Nation. For instance, Dylan expressed feelings for her in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, "Hannah G. is unbelievable. I mean, she's obviously just beautiful ... I'm very excited to meet Hannah G. Very excited to spend some time with her."

Dylan is pretty great at creating content of his own — only he prefers Twitter as a medium for his jokes and memes. Between that and Hannah's firm grasp on Instagram, if they were to get together, they'd basically own the social media world.