Randall Is Stressed Out On 'This Is Us'

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The wheels of Randall’s wagon are definitely falling off on This Is Us, and who could blame him? He’s having trouble at work, his biological father is dying, and he’s worried about the effect of it all on his own family. But it seems like Randall is internalizing all of this, and with ill effects. What is happening to Randall on This Is Us?

With all of the joys that came in with having William in his life, Randall now has to digest the pain, too. William isn’t responding to treatments, and the family is now deciding palliative care. Randall doesn’t want to hear this conversation, and for a man that usually has all of his stuff together, he’s just acting like none of it is happening. He’s also been kind of demoted at work (that guy Sanjay is up to no good, let me tell you that), and Randall is afraid losing William will scar his daughters. Instead of talking about it, though, Randall is internalizing everything, and now he has some scary-looking hand tremors to contend with. Is this a sign of an underlying condition like Parkinson’s disease? Or is this just how Randall’s stressful life is hitting him? People deal with tough situations in different ways, and I wonder if these hand tremors are just a psychosomatic symptom of his inability to express his grief at the impending death of his father.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

I really hope that the latter is the case and that it’s not something more serious, because the Pearson family has really dealt with enough tragedies. Jack died, Rebecca remarried, Kevin got divorced, William has cancer, etc. etc. It would be nice for the family to get some okay news for a while. Beth is Randall’s number one partner (her calling the “marriage” card was particularly perfect), and the sooner he can tell his wife what’s going on, the sooner we can find out what’s happening.