ASOS Is Coming Out With A Star Wars Collection That's Every Fan's Dream

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With Star Wars: The Last Jedi arriving at the multiplex in just two weeks, the co-branded initiatives are ramping up and your closet will thank you. An ASOS x Star Wars collection is upon us, based on a tease the fast fashion retailer posted on its official social media accounts. It follows the Rag & Bone collab with the franchise, as well as the Cargo Cosmetics x Star Wars makeup collection, which landed last week and includes collectible compacts.

On Thursday, Nov. 30, ASOS posted a video, which starts out with a foreboding tone before evolving into something a little more fun and lively. In the clip, a man is flanked by two Storm Troopers while cradling an ASOS package. It's roughly 15 seconds in length and ends with a red logos for both brands. The accompanying caption confirms that Star Wars pieces arrive today, Friday, Dec. 1.

The clip doesn't reveal what actually comprises the collection. But that didn't stop fans from seeking and getting answers. Once the brand sent this news out into cyberspace, shoppers and Star Wars-o-philes immediately posted theories and questions, which the retailer was super quick to answer.

Here's what we know about ASOS x Star Wars so far. A men's collection arrives first and will be followed by a women's range shortly thereafter.

The force and the fashion innuendo was strong with this Twitter tease.

This user (and perhaps a Jedi-in-training) wanted to know "when" the collection would arrive. However, the ASOS Here to Help account, which is the official customer service and query feed for the brand, answered the "what" with this tweet. There it is in black and white — a men's collection is on deck today, but we don't know exactly when the women's edition will arrive. Patience!

This user was excited, understandably so, and had the same question. He waned to know when to expect the collection. Thankfully, the ASOS customer service account chimed in, linking to the ASOS men's site. Ultimately, the first drop of pieces may have been designed for dudes. But since clothes have no inherent gender, anyone can wear these pieces. If you are a female Star Wars obsessive, you can shop today and for yourself if you wish. However, if it's a more feminine fit that you prefer, you can certainly wait. Or you can get creative with some fabric scissors and thread and customize the men's offerings!

Someone is stoked about this mashup and we can't argue with the enthusiasm. The force and the hyper regarding The Last Jedi are strong AF.

This user expressed a legit fashion concern, but remember, the ASOS help account did indeed confirm that a women's specific collection is happening. So there will be options and choices for Stars Wars fans from all walks of life. Huzzah!

This user is so ready to pounce on these forthcoming collections.

As of press time, the new Star Wars pieces are not yet available for purchase on the ASOS site. But as the tweet above suggested, you would be best served by refreshing the site through the day and staying tuned to ASOS socials for further updates. You will want to shop immediately, because the offerings could sell out.

If you have an avowed Star Wars fan or six in your life, you might be able to check them off your holiday shopping list courtesy of ASOS ranges.

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