This Star Wars Makeup Collection Is A Jedi's Dream & It's Almost Sold Out

The makeup force is strong! The Cargo Cosmetics x Star Wars makeup collection has landed. The range, featuring limited edition pieces and officially named "The Cargo Cosmetics Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi Collection," is designed for the eyes and is now available to shop at select Kohl's stores (about 1,100 of 'em) and the discount retailer's website, as well the Cargo site. The brand had teased the collection previously and now we know exactly what's in the capsule.

It's a small, but wonderfully edited suite of actual makeup products and it includes a quartet of collectible mirrors featuring the likenesses of key characters from the film franchise.

Cargo x Star Wars is comprised of two eyeshadow palettes representing the Dark Side and the Light Side. Each contains eight circular pans of eye color. There are two mascaras, as well.

The packaging is Star Wars-centric, with the iconic logo and other imaging representing the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi film.

While the palettes will allow you to create stunning smoky or layered neutral eye makeup looks and the mascaras will lengthen and add volume to lashes, it's the mirrored compacts that will truly grab your attention. They are collectible keepsakes that you can carry around forever, whereas you will eventually hit pan on the shadows and be left with an empty tube of mascara.

That shouldn't deter you from shopping the eye products, though! They are are of typical, superior Cargo quality. Plus, if you use different palettes daily, you won't run out on the quick!

Here's the overview of the collection. Cargo PR tipped Bustle off via email that the Star Wars makeup is selling like hotcakes. Therefore, we recommend grabbing one of the palettes and a compact ASAFP.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

The Light Side Eyeshadow Palette, $28,

The Light Side palette is packed with office-ready neutrals that will suit every occasion.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

The Dark Side Eyeshadow Palette, $28,

This palette boasts as darker and more sultry array of colors so you can build and customize a variety of smoky-eyed looks worthy of Darth Vader's approval.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

The Resistance Mascara, $20,

This coconut oil-infushed mascara will lengthen lashes and make you smile every time you whip out the wand.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

The First Order Mascara, $20,

Multi-dimensional, extra dark and thick lashes will be achieved with this mascara, as well.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

Rey Collectible Mirror, $28,

If Rey is your favorite character, then you will want to tuck this mirror in your handbag and proudly yank it out for touchups.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

Leia Organa Collectible Mirror, $28,

The untimely passing of actor Carrie Fisher last year and the iconic nature of Princess Leia make this mirror a must-own.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

BB-8 Collectible Mirror, $28,

Adorable, right?

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

Captain Phasma Collectible Mirror, $28,

The commander is immortalized in a compact. Since the Star Wars fanbase is big on collector's items, these mirrors certainly have a wide appeal and could increase in value for the future.

Those are all the products currently available at the Cargo site and via the Kohl's site. Everything is $28 and under.

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

This banner, posted on the Cargo site, includes three liquid liners in red, blue, and gold at the far right, which are not currently for sale.

However, in the caption of the Insta post announcing that the products were now shoppable, a user asked about the liners, to which Cargo responded it would "make an announcement soon." So it appears as though more eye products are on the way. Bustle also reached out to Cargo reps to inquire about additional products, like the liners.

UPDATE: Cargo PR reps responded to our inquiry, saying. "The brand will announce more surprise SKUs on their social media platforms soon. Follow @CargoCosmetics on Instagram and Twitter and become a fan of Cargo Cosmetics on Facebook to receive the latest updates!"

Clearly, the Cargo and Star Wars faithful are already all about this cool and quality collection. The makeup force is strong.