Justin Bieber's Debut Clothing Line Is FINALLY Here — And It's All About Beige & Smiley Faces

Are you ready to "wear like you don't care?" Well, you can, since Justin Bieber's Drew House clothing line (available in sizes XS to 2XL) has finally dropped. The Biebs has teased the brand for a while. Around the holidays, he quietly released $5 hotel slippers adorned with a smiley face. The emojified shoes quickly sold out.

The full collection is here and it's incredibly beige. Like really beige. It's also festooned with emojis and the brand's name.

Ultimately, Drew House Season 1 doesn't take itself too seriously and looks like a wearable and affordable streetwear version of Kanye West's Yeezy clothes. Maybe just a little bit? Drew House is also unisex so it's welcoming to everyone.

There are corduroy hoodies and pants — and the material provides a fresh and upgraded take on classic pieces. There are cotton long and short-sleeved tees, too.

Prices start at $48 and go as high as $148 so Drew House, or House of Drew, isn't going to send you spiraling into debt.

The brand, which takes its moniker from Bieber's middle name, is available to shop via the House of Drew site.

The brand's "About Us" page offers some further insight into its ethos. Drew House isn't about unattainable high fashion. It's about accessible streetwear and athleisure. The brand suggests you "wear like you don't care" and notes that Drew House is "a place where you can be yourself."

You cannot help but love a fashion space that encourages you to do you, to dress as you wish, and to be comfortable in your sartorial choices.

As previously mentioned, there's a lot of beige in the debut collection. But the neutral hue does not comprise the entirety of the line. There are some red, yellow, and black pieces, too.

Here's a flashback to when Bieber made somewhat of a low-key entry into being a designer with these slippers.

Below are some of the coolest pieces to shop from Season 1 of Drew House.

1. Chaz Corduroy Pullover Hoodie

2. Black Secret SS Tee

3. Red Mascot Hoodie

4. Chaz Corduroy Pants

5. Chaz Corduroy LS Shirt

6. Golden Yellow Mascot Hoodie

7. Chaz Corduroy Shorts

8. Red Mascot LS Tee

9. Mascot LS Turtleneck Tee

There you have it. Drew House features basics with a twist and featuring the brand's logo, name, and imaging. Most of these pieces invite you to pretty much live in them. I also encourage you to read the product descriptions while browsing the site. They are snarky and hilarious — and should elicit a chuckle or six.

What's cool about Drew House is that it doesn't feel hipster, elitist, or like it takes itself too seriously — and it very likely could have. The House of Drew opens the often-closed doors of fashion to the masses with some unique pieces. One might have expected The Biebs to use his fame and his supremely massive platform to go the high fashion route. But he kept it on the level. Drew House is the new normcore.

Grab some of the Drew House offerings before they sell out.