Kylie Has Some New Bundles For You To Shop

With the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection headed fans way on Thursday, it may have been easy to overlook a new addition to the Kylie Cosmetics family. In a rare moment of low-key announcements, Kylie Cosmetics' Get The Look Nude Bundles debuted on the brand's website, and they're the perfect way to get two of Jenner's most signature products and ones that are customized based on skin tone. That's right. These bundles are of existing products, but they're paired up recommendations from Jenner based on skin tone. If you've ever been worried about choosing the wrong nude, Jenner's got you covered.

One you head over to the website, the collection of nude bundles are right on the homepage. What's in the nude bundles, though? It's two of Jenner's most arguably signature products — the Kyshadow Bronze Palette and a nude lip kit. There are currently three Get The Look nude bundles, and while each have the same Kyshadow Bronze palette, the lip kits in each differs.

For fairer skin tones, fans of the brand will receive the Maliboo lip kit. As for those with medium skin, their bundle will come with a Moon lip kit, and for fans with deeper skin tones, they'll be getting the Brown Sugar Lip Kit.

Get the Look! The Bronze Palette + Maliboo Lip Kit, $65, Kylie Cosmetics

The products are clearly complimentary.

Get the Look! The Bronze Palette + Moon Lip Kit, $65, Kylie Cosmetics

It makes sense that all the bundles include the Bronze Palette. It's definitely Jenner's most neutral palette.

Get the Look! The Bronze Palette + Brown Sugar Lip Kit, $65, Kylie Cosmetics

All three of the Kylie Cosmetics Get the Look kits are perfect examples of how stunning nude makeup looks can be. With a $65 price tag, you're actually getting them at a discount. If you can't wait until the Valentine's Day Collection launches Feb. 2, a new Kylie Cosmetics bundle may be for you.