All The Kylie Lip Kit Colors, Explained

by Jessica Willingham

It's time to prepare yourselves. She's hinted at yet another new color and another new launch, but when exactly will all of that happen is anyone's guess. If you're anxiously awaiting the next release, here's a rundown of all the Kylie Lip Kit colors to you can get up to speed.

Ready to do some homework? We know Kylie Jenner is known for her brown and mauve lips, but do you really know all the colors up for grabs in her kit? Kylie Cosmetics is rumored to release another batch of Lip Kits before March (according to her latest Instagram, less than a week!) complete with at least one new color (a fiery coral red!). Currently, there are six colors ranging from light pinks to deep brown and a classic, American-girl retro red.

All the shades are matte, but that's where their similarities end. She has both cool and warm tones in her Lip Kit line-up, and brown nudes for every skin color. The amazing thing about her Lip Kits is that each color truly looks different on every individual person. The lip becomes your signature lip color, not anyone else's. That's a hard feat to pull off, and just goes to show that Jenner is the queen of painted pouts.

Here is a breakdown of each Lip Kit color so you know exactly what hues you need to add to your cart when she restocks the site.

1. Candy K

Lip Kit by Kylie in Candy K, $29.00,

Candy K is described as a soft, warm nude color. It's definitely reminiscent of the brown, spicy lip that made Kylie famous for her pout. This color reads very nude on medium to dark skin, and a perfect pinky brown on fair to light skin.

2. Dolce K

Lip Kit by Kylie in Dolce K, $29.00,

Dolce K is a caramel-colored favorite for both fair and dark skin. It's described as a medium beige nude, and looks like a deeper Candy K.

3. True Brown K

Lip Kit by Kylie in True Brown K, $29.00,

True Brown K is what every punk '90s kid dreams of. Described as a deep chocolate brown, it can be moody and dramatic on fair skin and a true nude on deep skin.

4. Posie K

Lip Kit by Kylie in Posie K, $29.00,

Described as a dusty mauve pink, Posie K is a pop of color that isn't overwhelming. You can wear it everyday for a feminine look, and it looks great on cool and warm toned skin colors alike.

5. Koko K

Lip Kit by Kylie in Koko K, $29.00,

Behold my personal favorite, Koko K. Named after Kylie's big sis, this color is a pale, pinky nude. It can read almost bright and neon on medium to deep skin tones, and a perfect pink on fair skin.

6. Mary Jo K

Lip Kit by Kylie in Mary Jo K, $29.00,

A true, blue red that is neutral enough to flatter every skin tone, Mary Jo K is a must-have. It's definitely not something we usually see King Kylie wearing, but it's a classic shade that every girl needs in her makeup kit.

7. 22

Lip Kit by Kylie in 22, $29.00,

Probably the most unique shade in the bunch, 22 is an orange-red that is perfect for hot summer nights. The site describes it as a "vibrant burnt orange" and it definitely stands out on all kinds of skin tones.

8. Kourt K

Lip Kit by Kylie in Kourt K, $29.00,

A deep purple is a must-have in anyone's collection. While it is surprising Jenner released such a dark shade just before spring, it's totally on brand — she breaks all the rules, and so can you.

9. Like Gloss

Like Gloss, $15.00,

Finally! Gorgeous nude glosses for summer. I prefer gloss formulations this time of year because they're moisturizing and super feminine, and these are wet-looking, so they're perfect.

10. Literally Gloss

Literally Gloss, $15.00,

Literally is a bit like Dolce K in gloss form, which is good news since this is one of the most popular shades in the entire collection.

11. So Cute Gloss

So Cute Gloss, $15.00,

This super light nude gloss is perf for those who want a baby pink pout. Use darker or lighter Lip Kit liners underneath to create custom finishes.

12. Reign

I suspected, but now rumors (and dreams) have come true — Jenner has released metallic lip shades, and they are royally gorgeous. This rose gold shade is something you can wear on date night or with any glam look.

13. King

King Kylie is preferred moniker for Jenner, which is on-brand with Tyga's son's name and her Snapchat handle. Consistency is key, after all! This is a fun shade for festivals and beach season.

14. Heir

I want to be wearing this glittering, light pink shade all spring long.

15. Dead of Knight

Oh, hello. This matte shade makes my little black heart skip with joy.

16. Majesty

I see you with this royalty theme, Kylie. And your products are living up to the name. This black metal matte is edgy but versatile, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

17. Skylie

Because every gal needs a matte lip to match her blue Ferrari.

18. Freedom

In honor of the Fourth of July, Kylie released this royal blue stunner. Gorgeous.

19. Kristen

This fresh, strawberry red is perfect for summer.

20. Ginger

Jenner rules the warm nudes game, and this spicy neutral is just the latest member of a growing family. Welcome, Ginger!

21. Maliboo

Maliboo is a cool pink that is extra light, so all you fair skinned gals will be looking glam in this shade.

22. Leo

For her birthday edition kits, Kylie launched this gorgeous matte burgundy.

23. Poppin'

A rose gold gloss that's perfect for metallic newbies.

24. Lord

This true gold shade is the perfect birthday hue.

25. Dirty Peach

So peachy!

26. Brown Sugar

This is a lovely brown nude that's lighter than True Brown K.

27. Love Bite

This rosy purple is so unique.

28. Smile

In her first color collaboration, Kylie lends proceeds to Smile Train to support cleft surgery for children in the developing world.

29. Pumpkin

Forget lattes — wearing this shade is the perfect way to celebrate fall.

30. Moon

Gray and purple come together for a truly unique color.

31. Trick

This deep green is moody enough for fall and festive for the holidays.

32. Spice

Because you can never go wrong with a bright pink.

Keep checking back as Kylie expands her lip kit collection!

33. Vixen

This blackened, vampy plum has a hint of sparkle for the holidays.

34. Merry

Merry is a true, rich red. It's a sultry, romantic color!

35. Jolly

No, these aren't all the same shade of red. If anyone wants to tell you they are, remove them from your life because you don't need that kind of negativity. Jolly is a diamond-powder infused blackened burgundy, and a total must-have.

36. Naughty

Naughty is a true, bright red. It's a classic color that is grandma-approved for holiday gatherings.

37. Dancer

Dancer is a shimmering, ruby wine.