Kylie Cosmetics Is Dropping An ENTIRE New Collection Inspired By Baby Stormi

Kylie Jenner shunned the public eye for four months, opting to nest while pregnant. The makeup mogul wasn't idle during this self-imposed social media exile. Instead of Snapchatting her every move, craving, or mood, she was busy whipping up a new batch of cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics just revealed The Weather Collection — a huge assortment of new products inspired by her newborn daughter Stormi.

Jenner indulged her creativity while gestating and incorporated her brand new baby girl into her "other" baby — her cosmetics brand, which she conceived, birthed, and raised from a seed to a mighty beauty industry oak on its way to becoming a unicorn. Experts project that the brand will eventually be a billion dollar business.

So if you suffered through a serious case of Kylie Jenner withdrawal while she was completely off the celeb grid, she is more than making up for it with this new suite of dramatic products. Your lips and lids are reaping the benefits of Jenner having some additional free time during which to express herself through The Weather Collection.

The new range arrives on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. It's an exercise in contrasts, boasting dark, moody, and well, stormy shades amongst bright, spring-ready hues.

The Weather Collection is not simply shade extensions for previously existing best-sellers. It features some new products that Kylie Cosmetics hasn't done before — there are liquid eyeshadows. But she also traffics in things she has done well —like palettes and bullet lipsticks.

The baby-inspired range is smart business, since it satisfies fans who already love her products and entices them with fresh offerings. It attracts a new segment of shoppers that is curious about Kylie-as-mom, too.

Here's a breakdown of the Stormi-inspired Weather Collection.

The line is a playful execution of dark and light, like a summer storm that is followed by a sun shower.

It's all about opposites — from the colors to the formulas to the textures — with the Eye of the Storm eyeshadow palette.

We know because the swatches told us so.

A storm can be dark and mysterious and a harbinger of light.

The Calm Before the Storm eyeshadow palette is different than prior offerings. The 10-pan palette lives in yellow packaging and the shades are pastel and spring-ready. There are five mattes and five shimmers, arranged symmetrically.

There are three bullet lipsticks, named Nightfall (matte black), Cosmic (brownish nude), and Nova (peachy nude). They are stamped with lightning bolts, which is a cute nod to what happens during a storm event.

The swatches demonstrate how rich the texture is.

The Flash Glitter Gloss is packed with reflective glitter so lips will sparkle. Check out the lightning bolt that replaces the "i" in her name on the tube. The details connect Jenner and her baby girl.

This glitzy, glam, and iridescent lippie is the antithesis of a Lip Kit. It can also be worn with one if you want to use it as a lip topper.

The new loose powder Ultra Glow is christened "Lightning Bolt" and it's all about that golden shimmer than can be placed anywhere you desire gleam.

The Glitter Eye Duos feature two shades. There's Super Star and Twinkle Twinkle, and Destiny and Violet Moon. These liquid eyeshadows come with a wand for application.

They also glimmer and shimmer, offering serious pigmentation and sheen.

The Highlighter Palette boasts four pans of pressed powder that you can sweep over lids, shoulders, the bridge of your nose, on your Cupid's Bow, or anywhere else you prefer a little extra glow.

The Weather Collection could be Kylie Cosmetics' most unique suite to date. It's certainly the most special for the brand's fearless leader, since her little girl was her main source of inspo.

Big thanks to Stormi for triggering this expansive collection.

Even Mama gave props to Stormi-licious!