L'Oreal Is Teaming Up With The Ultimate '00s Designer For A Throwback Makeup Line

It's another high x low makeup mashup from L'Oréal as two French titans of style are teaming up. The drugstore brand is going designer with the L'Oréal x Isabel Marant makeup collection. The line due to arrive on September 27, the day of Marant's next runway show. That means you can plan for a makeup bag refresh when fall and Fashion Week arrive. New season, new products, new colors, new cool, new you!

L'Oreal x Isabel Marant follows last year's Balmain x L'Oréal lipstick capsule collection, which featured a variety of matte shades in fashionable, Balmain-designed tubes. It was Balmainia at its finest.

However, the Marant collection will include more than lippies. It's focused on multiple features and it's the designers first foray into makeup, according to Byrdie. It'll include core products that will allow for streamlined glam — expect Parisian simplicity and cool at an attractive price point.

“I’ve always interpreted fashion's ready-to-wear literally, and I couldn't be more thrilled at this chance to do that in makeup with an on-the-go collection with L'Oréal Paris," Marant explained in a press release. "It has been a dream to get right inside makeup innovation and to offer this collection of day-into-night, natural-to-smoking makeup essentials I have always wanted."

Intrigued? You should be. There is good new for your lips, lids, and wallet.

What's in the collection? It will include of five products for eyes, cheeks, and lips that are designed for daily usage, according to Harper's Bazaar. It will very likely be a limited edition range, as well. The exact formulas, shades, prices, and purchase locations are TBD for now. While all intel will be revealed in due course, it's going to totally be worth the wait.

Courtesy of Isabel Marant

If Marant's name isn't instantly familiar to you, perhaps her signature wedge high-top sneakers that were super popular in the '00s! Remember these? They were the ultimate in footwear from the ultimate designer of the era.

This small smattering of comments represents the overall reaction to the collab. A lot is conveyed in a small amount of words. Yes, it's awesome. And yes, Marant defines refined, simple, and statement-making elegance. She will most certainly distill those qualities into her upcoming L'Oréal line.

In this short and chic video, Marant effectively encapsulates what makes this partnership special. She says that the common ground between the brands is each that is giving women the freedom to be who and what she wants to be. Yes and yes!

"This is a collaboration that's really of the moment: synonymous with Parisian elegance, Isabel Marant is one of the great self-made designers today. Absolutely true to herself and her independence, she's the perfect partner for the brand, in our drive to make every woman around the world feel worth it,” Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, L'Oréal Paris Global Brand President, further stated in the press release about the collab.

When it comes to beauty, Marant and her runway show models epitomize sophisticated, low-key, "no makeup" makeup, and French glamour. And we expect her L'Oréal collaboration to do the same. It'll bring a massive dose of refined glam to the mass market shelves.

While we haven't been graced with swatches of Marant for L'Oréal yet and still have over three months to wait or it, why not enjoy a FBF moment and recall the L'Oréal x Balmain lippies? This rose gold shade was everything.

Here's another look at all the couture mattes from the collection. To. Die. For. The Marant collab is an excellent sequel.

There is a reason that L'Oréal has remained a major force in the makeup world. It is always on top of trends and drops quality products. Customers trust the brand will bring them the best. The Isabel Marant collection is an exercise in the coolest makeup couture.