What's in LUSH's Easter Collection? Their New Spring Products Are Too Cute


If there's any sign of warmer months ahead, it's beauty and makeup brands launching their spring collections, which of course makes us want to buy every last colorful product. One of the latest spring collections to launch is LUSH Cosmetics' Easter collection that is already available to shop online.

Of course there's plenty of egg-inspired soaps and cleansers in LUSH's new Easter collection, but you can also find several chocolate products — yes you heard that right! From a soap bar infused with cocoa butter to a chocolate lip scrub, with these products, it's going to be like getting a basket full of chocolate and candy on Easter morning! And if you've never tried LUSH's infamous bath bombs, there are several Easter bath bombs to choose from like the Chick 'n' Mix three-in-one bath bomb or the Golden Egg honey-toffee bath bomb. Just toss the bombs in your bath water, and you'll be surprised and delighted by its fizzy outcome!

Chick 'n' Mix Three-In-One Bath Bomb, $11, Lush; Golden Egg honey-toffee Bath Bomb, $9, Lush

Each egg-ceptional product in LUSH's Easter collection is adorably packaged and named—they will definitely have you excited for spring!

If you want to gift several of the Easter collection's products, LUSH also offers several Easter gift sets that each include an array of products from their Easter line.

Ready to stock up on some spring-inspired products? You can already shop LUSH's Easter collection online, and you'll be able to shop in store beginning on March 16.

1. Which Came First? Stripes Bath Bomb

Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics

Which Came First? Stripes Bath Bomb, $13, Lush

You can crack open this striped egg to reveal a surprise inside, and then enjoy the sweet, fruity fragrances in your bath.

2. Flopsy Face Wash Jelly

Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics

Flopsy Face Wash Jelly, $10, Lush

This cleanser is infused with mineral-rich seaweed gel, moisturizing almond oil, and glycerin to leave your face feeling bright and clean.

3. Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel

Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel, $27, Amazon

With this shower gel's jasmine and rose oils, your skin will not only feel fresh, it will smell fresh, too!

4. Chocolate Lip Scrub

Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics

Chocolate Lip Scrub, $10, Lush

Exfoiliate your lips with this scrub that combines the flavors of orange and chocolate to prep and protect your pout.

5. Chocolate Easter Egg Soap

Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics

Chocolate Easter Egg Soap, $6, Lush

Why eat chocolate when you can get your chocolate fix in the shower? This soap bar is infused with lemon, grapefruit, cocoa butter, and vanilla for the ultimate uplifting and clean combo.