Lush Launched An ENTIRE Goddess Collection Inspired By The Iconic 'God Is A Woman' Bath Bomb


Lush made waves when it released a bath bomb inspired by Ariana Grande's "God is a Woman" music video. Now the brand is coming back with a whole universe themed collection that will have you feeling like a goddess. Lush's Goddess collection includes a new perfume, perfume oil, soap, and wash cards.

If you loved Grande's "God is a Woman" music video, then chances are you especially loved her body art. Laying in a galactic swirl, Grande was painted in different hues of purple, silver, pink, and blue. As the camera panned onto the artist, Grande moved her arms across the universe bath. The swirling colors in the pool made it look like one of Lush's iconic bath bombs, so the ensuing Goddess Bath Bomb was a natural next step for the brand.

Packed with "heavenly florals" like jasmine, rose, and oudh oil scents, the Goddess Bath Bomb created a galaxy inside the tub. Flecked with shimmer, the bomb emitted purple, silver, and blue swirls just like in Grande's music video. You could slip in and feel ethereal until the water turned cold.

Seeing the demand for the heaven-like bath bomb, Lush has expanded into a whole new line that picks up where the bath bomb left off.

The five piece collection revolves around the same bouquet of scents to put you into a divine state of mind. The Goddess products contain ethically sourced ingredients from around the globe to create its celestial line.

The first scent is oud, which is one of the most expensive and sought after essential oils. It is ethically sourced from responsibly managed nurseries in Thailand.

The Caledonian sandalwood is paired with the oud to create a smokey base for the collection, and it is sustainably grown.

Two floral scents are used as the top notes for the line: jasmine and rose. The Egyptian jasmine is grown by programs that bring new opportunities for female empowerment and social support in the communities of the workers that cultivate the floral crops. The Damascus rose was harvested in Turkish fields.

As for the actual collection, the Goddess Perfume is first up. The perfume delivers notes of soft and smokey jasmine, just like the bath bomb. Meant to wrap you in a "garden of earthly delights," the botanical perfume mixes jasmine with sweet rose. To infuse it with a smokier, earthier base, sandalwood and oud oil is used.

The Goddess Perfume Oil has the same scent as the perfume, but comes as an oil-based fragrance. You can dab the sweet and smoky oil behind your ears and on your wrists.

The Goddess Solid Perfume is a great option for your purse or for your travel kit. Featuring the same floral and herb scents, you can run your finger across the solid perfume like a lip balm and dab it on your skin.

The Goddess Wash Card is a soap for when you're on the go. Thin and in the shape of a bar, it features those garden scents of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. All you need to do with it is lather up and rinse.

The last item in the collection is the Goddess Bar Soap. Featuring sandalwood-jasmine suds, this gold-dusted bar of soap will give you a celestial shower.

Pamper your inner Goddess and play with this new line of feel-good products.