Milk Makeup's Pride Collection Is A Glitter Bomb That Celebrates Equality For All

The lovers of all things holographic and shiny just dropped some major new beauty. Milk Makeup's Pride collection just launched, and it's a set of must-haves that's empowering message is just as good as its sparkly essence.

With beauty being closely tied to identity, June's Pride month is a better time than ever to express yourself and show support to the LGBTQ community. A bold lipstick or holographic cheekbones are more than just essentials for creating an Instagram-worthy glam, but rather tools for self-expression and embracing individuality. That's exactly the spirit captured during Pride month, a time when members of the LGBTQ community and their supporters celebrate inclusivity and diversity with the most powerful beauty transformations. Here to aid in the creation of Pride makeup looks that show support, Milk Makeup is selling their boldest collection yet— and it isn't just any old line of colorful goodies.

Milk's latest collection and campaign to hit the beauty sphere celebrates self-expression through glitter and you guessed it, more glitter. Teaming up with The Center, an organization that provides health and wellness programs for the LGBTQ community in NYC, the brand released a glitter bomb of a collection that gives back just as much as it sparkles.

These aren't your average lid toppers, pout enhancers, and cheek dusters. Milk's limited edition Pride Pack features multidimensional rainbow sparkle that's so next-level it's nearly impossible to take your eyes off of it.

"Just like tiny specs of rainbow glitter, each of us makes up a unique piece of a beautiful spectrum. That's why this Pride Month we're fully confessing our love for glitter, inclusivity, self-expression and P R I D E," Milk captioned an Instagram post debuting their new collection.

Retailing for $28, via the brand's website, the set of two new holographic gems, along with one of their best-selling highlighters, joins the hoard of other Pride month fashion and beauty items that give back to the community. During the entire month of June, Milk will donate 50 percent of proceeds from the Pride Pack to The Center, a fab way to spread LGBTQ awareness and support.

Its charitable donation alone will have you sold that the Pride Pack is worth snagging. But if you needed any more convincing, there's three more extremely sparkly reasons that'll appeal to your inner glitter lover.

The rainbow-flecked lip topper of the Pride Pack duo, this glitter gloss is all that and a bag of chips. It hydrates the lips as it sparkles, thanks to its avocado oil and mango butter-infused formula.

Heart, moon, and star stamps have become a thing, but they've got nothing on Milk's Equality Tattoo Stamp. It stains any part of your facade with a temporary equal sign tattoo that gets the Pride message of inclusivity across so perfectly. Transfer-proof because of its long-lasting formula, it will compliment your sparkly makeup all day as it advocates for justice for the LGBTQ community.

Although it is not a member of the Pride Pack, sales made from purchases of Milk's ever-popular Glitter Stick will also give back to The Center. This multi-use rainbow highlighter is the perfect shimmer to top your lids and cheeks for the ultimate Pride glam that overloads on glitter.

As if glitter makeup couldn't get any more appealing, using sparkle to evoke sentiments of freedom and pride is all the more reason to hand your wallet over to Milk. But there's no time to waste.

As a collection meant to honor Pride month, this glittery pack likely won't make it past June. So now is the time to purchase your glitter gloss and equality stamp. They're the perfect additions for a face doused in the Techno Glitter Stick, not to mention they were beautifully created to celebrate that which makes every living soul unique.