The Dress Brand You've Seen All Over Instagram Just Launched Its First Plus Size Options

Courtesy Reformation

If you've been on Instagram lately, you've probably seen your favorite fashion influencers wearing something from cool girl brand Reformation. Known for feminine dresses and classic silhouettes, Reformation is hard not to love — but for many people, it simply isn't accessible. Reformation's traditional sizing is XS - XL and 0 - 12. As of March 26, the brand is launching plus sizes. The very, very good news is that Reformation's plus size range is chic, trendy, and relatively inclusive for industry standards AKA most stores not selling above a 12/14. The bad news? Most items on the site still aren't available above a size large or 12.

The plus size launch comes in the form of a limited edition capsule collection, co-designed by model Ali Tate Cutler. The items, which are available online, include tops, dresses, and two-piece sets up to a 22 and a 3X. According to the brand, there is also no size chart available as of now. All items also meet Reformation's trademark sustainability standards, which means that the brand uses the most "efficient, eco-friendly, and pro-social technologies and practices," while also minimizing waste, water, and energy footprints, according to the brand's website.

Altogether, there are 17 plus size items (one of which is a dress that only goes up to an XL, and four of which aren't available to shop just yet), which is a small percentage of Reformation's massive inventory of skirts, jeans, dresses, sweaters, and other pieces. However, the collection does offer something that is incredibly hard to find in the plus market: Options for over a size 12 at a high-end, trendy, sustainable brands is not something that happens often — or ever, really. Given that, some may find this collection refreshing, despite that the fact that the lack of site-wide plus sizes is disappointing.

Update: The four above-mentioned pieces that aren't available to shop yet will be available "in the next two weeks," according to a brand rep in an email to Bustle.

Courtesy Reformation

Jane Top, $128, Reformation

While the collection is currently limited edition, it's worth noting that when Reformation rolled out petite sizes, the brand didn't immediately offer permanent or site-wide size expansion. Reformation first launched a limited edition petites collection in 2015, then later rolled out a permanent petites line in 2017.

Even now, though, not all items Reformation sells are available in petite sizes. For most brands, this is unfortunately normal — very few stores offer every single item they sell in plus sizes or petites. Even sites known for their extremely inclusive size range, like ASOS and Modcloth, don't offer every single item they sell in all sizes.

Courtesy Reformation

Francis Dress, $218, Reformation

Fans of the brand will be excited to see that the collection does, however, seamlessly work into the Reformation aesthetic, playing up flirty wrap dresses and sexy bodysuits. The pieces also echo Reformation's not-so-cheap price point, ranging from $78 to $218. While this certainly makes the pieces even less accessible to some, they do manage to fill in a frustrating gap in the plus size market — or at least start to fill it. While fast fashion plus size clothing and basics are relatively common, more luxurious, truly trend-centered options are often more difficult to find in the plus size market. Sustainable plus size fashion is even less common.

Courtesy Reformation

Serena Dress, $218, Reformation

The good news is that it appears that Reformation's plus size launch is, like the brand's petites collection, a sign of a more permanent, site-wide sizing expansion. "This collection is a sneak peek at what's to come. This is Reformation's first step towards fully launching into the category and will continue to fine tune as they get feedback from customers," a brand rep tells Bustle in an email.

Based on the fact that many items in the 17-piece collection are already selling out in plus sizes, it seems like it's only a matter of time before more expansion occurs.

Limited-edition, limited-item plus size collections are simply not enough. And while 17 thoughtful, trendy, cool pieces are certainly better than 170 shapeless, outdated pieces, there shouldn't have to be a choice made between the two at all. However, Reformation's plus size launch is a chic, investment-worthy collection that is beautiful and offers something that isn't often available in plus size. It's not perfect, but it's a start.