This Retro Coca-Cola Clothing Line Goes Up To A 3X & You Have To See The '50s Swing Skirts

Courtesy of Unique Vintage

There are many ways to cool off this summer. You can take a dip in the ocean, turn the air conditioning down to 65 degrees, or sip an ice cold Coke. But if you literally want to look cool, you need to shop the Coca-Cola x Unique Vintage clothing collection. This fizzy and fabulous capsule is available in sizes XS through 3X. The range is packed with '50s-inspired dresses, skirts, rompers, and tees. The retro but totally wearable collab includes adorable details, such as Coke bottle cap graphics and the brand's instantly recognizable logo. The color red also factors prominently into the range since that's a Coke signature.

The collection also features the iconic artwork that defined the beverage brand's advertisements back in the '50s. "Our Coca-Cola Collection by Unique Vintage brings to life the iconic all-American Coca-Cola brand in the retro-inspired silhouettes our Unique Vintage customer loves," Unique Vintage founder and CEO Katie Echeverry said in a statement provided to Bustle.

The Coca-Cola x Unique Vintage collection is currently available via the fashion brand's site. The assortment starts as low as $28 and goes up to $118, so it's relatively affordable. You can build an entire OOTD with Unique Vintage's Coke collection or you can simply add a splash of Coca-Cola to your look by pairing one of these pieces with pretty much anything already in your closet. Your ensemble can boast as little or as much Coca-Cola as you wish.

Below are the 11 best pieces in this gloriously throwback range.

1. 1950s Red Cola Bottle Bubbly Swing Skirt

You'll notice a swing in your step when you wear this red skirt featuring a bubbly bottle of Coke. This skirt was made for twirling and dancing and can be worn with any piece in the range or a simple fitted tee. It also comes in plus sizes.

2. 1950s Black & Red Diner Graphic Cappie Crop Blouse

Kylie and Kendall Jenner, take note. This is how you rock a crop top — vintage style. The collared crop, which is offered in plus sizes, has a tied waist and contrasting white buttons, along with a Coca-Cola graphic on the back. If you wear it with cropped chinos or capris, you will slay that '50s style.

3. Plus Size 1950s Diner Scene High Waist Swing Skirt

There is so much detail in the classic diner scene featured in the print and it'll start a conversation every time you wear it. It's basically a slice of Americana in skirt form. It's offered in straight sizes, too.

4. Plus Size Retro Style Teal Star Print Atomic Blouse

It's amazing when fashion can transport you to another time and place. That's exactly was this pretty green blouse with cuffs and a collar does. You can wear it with the Diner Scene skirt or a plain black pencil skirt.

5. Red Leatherette Classic Coke Bottle Purse

Who needs a pricy Birkin when you can have this cute and affordable bag with a similar boxy shape and Coke detailing? It's a crossbody bag with a top handle so it can be carried in multiple ways. Ultimately, this accessory will add the a dose of retro to any modern outfit.

6. Red Coca-Cola Classic Logo Unisex Tee

Nothing announces your love for a product quite like a simple logo tee. This collection has its own basic and bright red option. You can wear it with skinny jeans, leggings, destroyed jean shorts, or a denim skirt.

7. Plus Size 1950s Style Black & Red Bottle Cap Print Pop! Fit & Flare Dress

This summery frock ticks off all the boxes. It's fit and flare shape is timeless, while the mint green belt and knotted tie add fashion flair. But it's the coke bottle print that elevates this dress to a whole other level. It's also available in straight sizes.

8. Black Coke Bottle Cap Print Button Up Mens Shirt

Coke caps define this button up, which can be worn untucked, tucked in, or as a bathing suit cover up. There are two other Coke print button downs available in the range.

9. 1950s Black & Red Fizzy Swing Diner Dress

This fabulously retro, A-line dress comes in plus sizes and boasts so many sweet and structured details. From the buttons to the collar to the cuffs, it's truly a classic. It works wonderfully with pumps, too.

10. Plus Size Red & Ivory Coca-Cola Print High Waist Circle Swing Skirt

Pockets for the win! This flirty and full Coca-Cola print skirt is a subtle way to express your love for the ever-popular soft drink. It's available in straight sizes, too.

11. Black Denim Stretch Sweetie Romper

The black stretch denim fabric and the Coke logo make this romper a piece you will want to live in all summer long. You can also grab it in plus sizes.

The Coca-Cola x Unique Vintage collection lets you have a Coke and a smile — through your clothes. The delightful assortment is as sweet as the soda that inspired it.