Desi Perkins Is Launching Another Collection With Quay Australia & They’re Not Sunglasses

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Leave it to an influencer to change the way millennials think about screen time and the potential damage it could do to their eyes. For yet another collaboration, beauty YouTuber Desi Perkins is launching a collection with Quay Australia. The catch is that this time, the collab offers a 2-piece line of clear blue light lenses.

While it nearly always stays sunny in California where Perkins tends to hang, the YouTuber is working with Quay to produce a new line of glasses that everyone can wear for enjoyment — while also protecting their eyes from from long hours at the screen.

According to popular Instagram account Trendmood1, the glasses are built with blue light-protecting technology.

"Blue light lenses featuring technology to assist with blocking potentially harmful (blue) HEV light from screens to help prevent headaches, blurry vision, and other symptoms of digital eye strain," they wrote in the caption of the announcement.

The styles offered in the Blue Light collection are actually the very same in Perkins' High-Key aviator sunglasses with Quay. If you're the kind to accessorize your looks with a cute pair of bifocals, then these may be worthwhile (and you're not ~technically~ just wearing them for fashion either).

Perkins made the announcement and revealed the new glasses on her Instagram stories on Thursday, Jan. 24. Despite the fact that there are only two colors offered in this style, for now, Perkins manages to turn them both into several different head-turning looks.

The High Key blue light glasses come in two shades. One pair comes with matte black frames and the other has sleek gold frames, making them easy to style around basically anything already in your wardrobe. Not to mention, they'd work well with all of your moods.

You can mix and match your looks like Desi and grab a pair in each color as the collection officially drops on Feb. 21. Set your timers now, because Quay collaborations tend to sellout faster than your typical eyeglass wear brand.

Perkins isn't at all new to doing glasses collections with Quay Australia. The brand and the YouTube star linked up back in February of last year, where Perkins had launched an installment of four desert-inspired sunnies with the Australian-based brand. Each pair featured different tints on the classic aviator silhouette.

However, Perkins' branding power was so fierce that by popular demand, the brand had to actually extend the limited edition collaboration for fans in a new collection. The brands came through for lovers of sunglasses and did so with even more colors. Let's hope that if this collection does sell out fast because of its popularity, there will be plenty of re-ups so no one is left out of this tech in fashion trend.

The power of the Instagram influencer is stronger than you think. For all you know, Perkins' glasses could be the very reason everyone's not dealing with a beating headache at the end of the work day.