What's In The Inkey List's New 2019 Skincare Collection? The Extended Line Has Solutions To All Your Beauty Woes

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The Inkey List hit the beauty industry just five short months ago, but it did so with a major bang. Dubbed "the new The Ordinary" early on, the affordable skincare brand became well known for its budget-friendly formulas that are effective and of high quality. The great news is that The Inkey List is extending its line of products this year, both to meet customer demand for acne-prone skin savers, and to provide never-before-seen actives for even the most dedicated of beauty fans. So what's in The Inkey List's new 2019 skincare collection?

Well, before we go into what's to come, let's remind ourselves about the brand that has revolutionised affordable, quality skincare. The brand's name references a phrase that many beauty insiders use for "the ingredients list." The Inkey List's mission is for skincare users of any expertise and with any budget to be able to have access to quality ingredients such as such as retinol and hyaluronic acid and to understand them. Skincare can seem intimidating from the outside-in, and The Inkey List wanted to change this.

The initial core collection featured a range of skincare such as their bestselling hyaluronic acid serum, a turmeric moisturiser, and a kaolin mask, all of which retailed for under £10.

The first drop of new products from The Inkey List is set to expand this core collection to include two new solutions that work best for oily and/or acne-prone skin. The Beta Hydroxy Acid serum and Salicylic Acid cleanser were both created due to customer demand from direct messages and comments on Instagram. These products are already on Cult Beauty, but be warned: there is a waiting list.

The Inkey List Salicylic Cleanser


Cult Beauty

Skin that's oily or blemish prone needs a cleanser with an active such as salicylic acid. This one offers everything you need for just over a tenner.

The Inkey List Beta Hydroxy Acid


Cult Beauty

Loaded with BHA salicylic acid, this treatment is ideal for acne prone, oily skin types that need a little refining and improvement in texture.

The remaining three new formulas will be released on 7 March 2019, again, on Cult Beauty. These feature advanced skincare ingredients that may not have been seen before by even the most serious of beauty buyers, and sit within the brand's "innovation line." They target skincare issues such as fine lines, crepey skin, imbalanced complexions, and dry, dehydrated skin. Take a look at the three new additions below:

The Inkey List Heptapeptide


Cult Beauty

Perfect for more mature skin, this peptide targets fine lines and crepey skin, especially on the neck.

The Inkey List Multi-Biotic


Cult Beauty

A moisturiser that is great for balancing skin, this contains good bacteria to help support the complexion as well as the immune system.

The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid


Cult Beauty

An excellent ingredient that holds four times more moisture than hyaluronic acid, this acts as a barrier to seal in moisture. Use after your hyaluronic for the perfect moisturising double act.

I personally can't wait to get my hands on the new formulas by The Inkey List, and judging by the current reaction, it'd be a good idea to get yourself on the waiting lists ASAP.