Get Ready To Shop Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters

by Alexa Tucker

The velour tracksuit is back, baby, and it's better than ever. The Juicy Couture for Urban Outfitters collection was just announced, and it's the best news we've heard since the news that Juicy would shutter all of its U.S. stores in 2014.

While Juicy Couture is still around at Kohl's stores, its partnership with Urban Outfitters definitely earns back some of the 'cool points' it's sadly lost since everyone's middle school days (oh, the trends of yesterday). Plus, with Tinashe as the face of the line (photographed by Petra Collins), we know it's going to be good.

According to a press release, the 14-piece revamp includes a pullover hoodie with stirrup pants, velour jackets and track pants, a cropped zip hoodie with matching shorts, jumpsuits, rompers, tees, bandeaus, and a body suit. The collection drops online and in select stores on February 13, and items range from $39 to $199.

Admittedly, it makes me feel a little old to know that Juicy Couture is already getting the Urban Outfitters treatment alongside other oldie-but-goodie classics like Calvin Klein, Champion, and Tommy Jeans. But if velour tracksuits are the modern retro, so be it. I'm all for nostalgic fashion brand comebacks, especially when there are sweatpants involved.

I rocked many a Juicy tracksuit back in the day, and who knows if I can still pull 'em off, but this collection makes me willing to try. Here's everything that's in it.

1. Cropped Zip Hoodie

Cropped Zip Hoodie, $129, Urban Outfitters

An updated version of the classic zip-up jacket.

2. Pullover Hoodie And Matching Stirrup Pants

Oversized Velour Hoodie, $149, Urban Outfitters

Stirrup Velour Leggings, $98, Urban Outfitters

This pullover has 'Juicy Couture' printed on the arm, because what would a Juicy hoodie be without some throwback branding?

3. Juicy Bodysuit

Juicy Bodysuit, $49, Urban Outfitters

This sunny bodysuit was practically made for trendy denim shorts.

4. Be Juicy Bandeau Top

Be Juicy Bandeau Top, $28, Urban Outfitters

Bandeau tops are a new addition to the Juicy empire.

4. Highness Bandeau Top

Highness Bandeau Top, $28, Urban Outfitters

Layer this bandeau under a white mesh tank to subtly get the message across.

5. Crown Romper

Crown Romper, $49, Urban Outfitters

Because Juicy was the official brand of every queen bee you knew.

6. Be Juicy Romper

Crown Romper, $49, Urban Outfitters

To be clear, that's the back view of the romper. Oh, Juicy — cheeky as ever.

7. Pink Cropped Zip Hoodie And Matching Shorts

Pink Cropped Zip Hoodie, $49, Urban Outfitters

Pink Juicy Shorts, $39, Urban Outfitters

Because nothing says Juicy Couture like baby pink, in the best way.

8. Cropped Long-Sleeve Tee

Cropped Long-Sleeve Tee, $69, Urban Outfitters

This simple cropped crew neck is blank on the front and reads "Juicy" across the back.

9. Cropped Short-Sleeve Tee

Cropped Short-Sleeve Tee, $39, Urban Outfitters

Just like its long-sleeve counterpart, this tee is business in the front, party in the back.

10. Wide-Leg Velour Pants

Wide-Leg Velour Pants, $98, Urban Outfitters

These pants make a literal statement with "Juicy" across the butt, and a style statement, too.

11. Jumpsuit

Velour Coverall Jumpsuit, $199, Urban Outfitters

This velour jumpsuit is basically a socially acceptable onesie. Yes, please. (It comes in black, too.)

12. Classic Velour Jacket And Track Pants

Robertson Hoodie Jacket, $109, Urban Outfitters

Mar Vista Track Pants, $89, Urban Outfitters

Because, of course. The track suit comes in pink and red as well.