The Kylie Cosmetics Pink Bundles Are Perfect For Spring

Kylie Cosmetics just can't stop growing. In 2017 alone, Jenner has launched Kylighters, blushes, a new lip kit formula, and a Valentine's Day collection. Now, she's finding new ways for fans to snatch up her latest products. The Kylie Cosmetics pink bundles combine some of Jenner's latest launches from the brand, and they all happen to be perfectly pink and ideal for your spring makeup look. From blushes to lippies to even Kylighter and eyeshadows, Jenner left no stone unturned when it came to crafting the bundles.

The new Kylie bundles aren't totally new though, at least in theory. The brand has released bundles in the past, and apparently, fans were pleased since they have released even more. After all, getting a specially curated selection of Kylie Cosmetics products makes purchasing much easier, right? The pink bundles bring together some of Jenner's disparate products into one perfectly paired set.

At the moment, there are four Kylie Cosmetics pink bundles, and they all have two products in common: a lippie and a blush. However, if that's just not enough, Jenner does have a massive pink bundle filled with everything you'll need to get a perfect pink spring look. What exactly are in all the bundles, though?

1. Perfect Pink Bundle

The Perfect Pink Bundle, $125, Kylie Cosmetics

Inside the largest pink bundle, fans will find not just a lippie and blush but also everything they need to make a full look. The Kyshadow Burgundy palette, Cotton Candy Creme Kylighter, Barely Legal blush, KoKo K lip kit, and the Damn Gina gloss are all in the bundle.

2. Pink Duo #1

Pink Duo #1, $45, Kylie Cosmetics

If you're looking for something simple, Jenner's smaller bundles are perfect. In the first duo, fans will find the Harmony Velvet lip kit and the Barely Legal blush.

3. Pink Duo #2

Pink Duo #2, $45, Kylie Cosmetics

If you love vibrant blushes, the second duo is ideal. Inside, fans will find the Charm Velvet lip kit and the Hot and Bothered blush.

4. Pink Duo #3

Pink Duo #3, $45, Kylie Cosmetics

If you love a true pink, this last bundle with the Candy K lip kit and Virginity blush could be for you.

The other great thing about these bundles? The brand is running free domestic shipping on orders of $40 or more which means not only can you snag the products for a discount in the bundles themselves, but you'll get them shipped for free! Head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website now and snag one for your perfectly pink spring look.