This Minnie Mouse Makeup Collection Is ALL Glitter, Glam, & Polka Dots

Courtesy of Dose of Colors

It's not often that the sequel is as good as the original — whether it's movies or makeup. But that's actually the case here. The Minnie Mouse Dose of Colors makeup collection is full of glitter, glamour, bows, and polka dots. The collection is the bold and bright follow up to the brand's Mickey Mouse-themed makeup range, which was full of neutral eyeshadows and lipsticks featuring the beloved character's iconic ears.

Minnie Mouse's signature style is distilled into this "bow-tiful" selection of products. Her instantly recognizable oversized bow and love of the color red factors prominently into these pieces and the packaging.

The Minnie Mouse Dose of Colors collection may be small but it's maximum impact. There are four core products and several shades available. The range focuses on lids and lips, boasting eyeshadows, liners, false lashes, and lipsticks. These cosmetics can be worn together to create knockout looks. Or you can rock any of them solo and remain totally glam.

"We're thrilled to have collaborated with Minnie Mouse to bring this collection to life," Dose of Colors founder Anna Petrosian tells Bustle exclusively via email. "It's a really complete assortment with vibrant colors that characterize this timeless icon. It was the natural next step to the Mickey Collection launched last year."

Courtesy of Dose of Colors

The set features a multi-use palette that houses a matte blush and six pans of eyeshadows that run the gamut from neutral to edgy. Dose of Colors' matte liquid lipsticks are the cornerstone of the collection and come in three shades. There are three glitter-infused eyeliners, along with a statement pair of false eyelashes.

Courtesy of Dose of Colors

If you are a Disney diehard who is particularly passionate about Minnie Mouse, whip out your credit card and get ready to shop at 11 a.m. ET/ 8 a.m. PT on March 18. That’s when the collection cruises onto the Dose of Colors site. Prices start as low as $15 and go as high as $39.

The products will go on sale at Ulta's website on April 21. They arrive in Ulta stores on May 5 if you have the patience and want to wait to swatch the products in person.

Below are all the products in the Minnie Mouse DoC collection. Please note the product links won't be live on the site until next week.

1. Multi-Use Palette

Your spring eyeshadow wardrobe is right here. There are six matte and shimmer shades, ranging from sparkly champagne to rich scarlet to jet black, with which to build subtle or dramatic smoky eye looks. The palette also features a peachy pink blush.

2. Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Dose of Colors' hero product is the mega matte lippie. They wear comfortably, don't cake or crack, and are loaded with pigment. Bowtiful is a rosy beige, while Irreplaceable is a classic cherry red. Ladies First is a powerhouse pink. Each shade is $18 and you can swipe whichever hue suits your mood across your pout and smile.

3. Glitter Eyeliners

Metallic, sparkling eyes are the order of the day courtesy of the eyeliners in the collection. Stunning is a trendy rose gold. There's also Dazzling, a platinum gold, and Darling, a deep purple. You can mix and match as you wish.

4. False Eyelashes

The faux lashes are light and fluttery. They will give you all the length, volume, and flare that you desire with none of the excess weight.

Courtesy of Dose of Colors

This Minnie Mouse beauty collection is a true triple threat. The products are playful yet high quality, the packaging is adorable, and it's moderately priced. These items will also play nicely with others already in your makeup bag. Minnie's super sweet essence is felt in all of the details.