What's In 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' x RockLove Jewelry Collection? Jack Skellington Would Be So Proud

If you love the glorious goth-ness of The Nightmare Before Christmas and appreciate pretty yet edgy jewelry, then this accessories collection will answer all of your Halloween Town prayers. The Nightmare Before Christmas x RockLove jewelry collection captures all of the creepy coolness of the beloved Tim Burton film, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

This is the third time the brand has collaborated with the Mouse House — its collection celebrating female Disney villains is primo.

The TNBC collection features key characters such as Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero the dog, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel, among others. It includes necklaces and rings that are absolutely to die for. The collection is defined by the coffin imagery so you can indulge your accessories dark side.

Whether you are a diehard Disney fan, a jewelry junkie, or a more casual passerby, you can't help but be drawn into this collection.

According to press materials received by Bustle, the pieces are housed in a signature Disney x RockLove keepsake box. The boxes include aspects of the storylines on both the interior and exterior. Metallic, silkscreened characters are featured on the inside while the outside is embossed.

So not only will the box safely and securely store your precious piece of The Nightmare Before Christmas jewelry — it will look snazzy on your bureau or wherever you choose to position it.

Courtesy of RockLove

There's also a travel pouch so you can take your fave pieces(s) with you. Aren't they fab?

Courtesy of RockLove

The detail in these pieces is incredibly stellar.

Courtesy of RockLove

The collection starts at $89 and goes up to $135 so it's as affordable as it is adorable. You will want to splurge on every single piece in the capsule.

Courtesy of RockLove

Here are the 8 pieces that you'll really need to consider adding to your accessories rotation.

1. True Love Never Dies Coffin Necklace

True Love Never Dies Coffin Necklace

Details, details, details. The necklace is made with black crystal glitters. One side is engraved with Sally's smile and the words "Simply Meant To Be." The other boasts a grinning Jack and the phrase "True Love Never Dies." Neither does good jewelry.

2. Jack & Sally Coffin Necklace

Jack & Sally Coffin Necklace

Coffins are the recurring motif and silhouette. Each side of the coffin is inscribed with words that hint at their story. How utterly #romantic and beautifully #gothic.

3. True Love Never Dies Coffin Ring

True Love Never Dies Coffin Ring

'Til death and fashion do us part. This chunky ring stands out for so many reasons. While stacked rings and multiple rings per finger are big trends, this design is all you need to make a statement with your hand.

4. Zombie Duck Necklace

Zombie Duck Necklace

It's all about the teeth, the eyes, and the wing with this Zombie Duck pendant. Don't you want to layer it with three other necklaces that you already own? It would fit right in.

5. Zero Necklace

Zero Necklace

The pumpkin nose of Jack Skellington's ghost dog is so iconic. It's the canine equivalent of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's sniffer.

6. Lock Devil Mask Necklace

Lock Devil Mask Neckace

This necklace isn't just bold and creepy-in-the-good way. It's also interactive. The hinge design opens the mask front to reveal Lock's mysterious grin. It's basically a Lock locket.

7. Shock Witch Mask Necklace

Shock Witch Mask Necklace

Peek-a-boo. Shock sees you. From the snake-like hair to her concealed then revealed grin, this hinged necklace has so many killer, cute deets.

8. Barrel Skeleton Mask Necklace

Barrel Skeleton Mask Necklace

It's all about those ear-to-ear grins. But Barrel's toothy smile is so fun. This trio of necklaces is full of surprises.

Courtesy of RockLove

The storage elements are as cute as the jewelry pieces themselves.

The Nightmare Before Christmas x RockLove collection has arrived just in time for Halloween and holiday shopping.