What's In That Mysterious Package On 'Handmaids Tale'?

I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was truly thrilling to see Offred fulfilling some spy duties during episode 9 of The Handmaid's Tale. It made my heart race, ladies and gentlemen. But by the end of the episode, there was still a lingering question that needed answering, namely what was in Offred's package on The Handmaid's Tale? Because when those end credits rolled, I was salivating in anticipation of answers, and I'll be damned if they offered them to me. The mystery of what Offred's package contains was made all the more beguiling for how it was built up in the episode.

Throughout every moment that surrounded the retrieval and delivery of the package, there was a desperate air of urgency. Clearly, whatever is in that thing is important, and possibly even tremendously powerful. But only insofar as that its contents must be capable of enacting some level of formidable change as part of Mayday, against the totalitarian government keeping people down. But what in the name of Margaret Atwood could that be?

Mayday gave no hints whatsoever about what was inside the package when it was passed along to Offred (whose actual name was revealed in the episode to be June), but Moira did suggest that it could be a bomb or anthrax. But I'd argue that it's possibly an item of a lesser scale of destruction, and possibly even one that can't be used for an aggressive attack or to send a violent message of resistance.

Based on the shape and size of the package, it could maybe a communication device of some sort — one which would enable the Handmaids as part of Mayday to stay in contact with each other, get organized, and get in formation for some form of uprising. A piece of equipment like that could be invaluable for uniting handmaids in developing a plan of action behind closed doors, and for signaling occasions where the identity and plans of Mayday could be under threat.

Another option, however, could be that the package contains the materials necessary for a piece of correspondence revealing the horrifying treatment of women under Gilead rule. In episode 4, we saw how angry The Commander got after an aunt managed to escape to Canada and immediately gave a damaging interview about her and other women's experiences. Clearly, the authorities of Gilead are content with keeping some of the less appealing details of their society under wraps.

But if Mayday managed to organize a way to deliver several firsthand accounts of that society, and the harrowing life it affords certain women, it could be more powerful than any bomb or chemical attack. It would give the Handmaids a rare voice and describe their personal, horrific perspective of life in Gilead. But also, a collective of accounts somehow being delivered without the authorities discovering them would also completely undermine the strict security, and power, of Gilead too. This would likely be one of the most satisfying weapons of resistance the Handmaids could wield, if successful.

With only the Season 1 finale of The Handmaids Tale left to watch, there's a good chance that the contents of June's package will be unveiled. And I'm going to wager that whatever is in it will have a massive impact on the events of Season 2 and be the first line of Mayday's almighty fight back.