Hold Onto Your Knickers, Girls, This Exhibition Lets You Board The Spice Bus IRL


As everyone knows from the social media frenzy sparked any time there's even a hint of a reunion, the Spice Girls nostalgia is real. But while speculation of a tour has so far turned out to be just speculation and the rumoured animated movie still hasn't arrived (guys, I'm waiting), there is some good news for fans. If you really, really, really want a-nother excuse to reminisce about the best girl band ever, then you're in luck. A very special show is coming the UK to err, spice up your life. But enough of the bad puns, what's in the Spice Girls exhibition that we've all been hearing about and when does it actually start?

The SpiceUp exhibition is taking place first in London from July 28 to August 20 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, but northern Spice Girls fans need not fear as the show will then move up to Manchester from August 24 to September 4, giving both ends of the country a chance to get up close and personal with the prized possessions of pop royalty. And while you can't walk away from the exhibition with your very own Union Jack mini dress, you can stock up on souvenirs at the exhibition or via the SpiceUp website.

There'll also be a whole host of events taking place around the exhibition including dance classes at Pineapple Studios, where you can learn the steps to Spice Girls routines, a themed bus tour, and Spice Girls tribute shows where you can sing along to all your fave songs.

I've selected some of the most iconic memorabilia at the exhibition, that honestly, will give you serious nostalgia. Here's what you can look forward to seeing.


The Spice Bus

If you're a true Spice Girls stan (and you must be if you've made if this far down the page) then you'll have watched Spice World aka the Spice Girls movie, which gave fans one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history. I'll set the scene — late to a gig at the Royal Albert Hall (sold out, of course), and with no driver to get them there, Victoria Beckham takes to the wheel of the band's tour bus, and drives it over Tower Bridge. However, as she gets closer, she realises the bridge is opening up. So, with one stilettoed foot on the accelerator, she takes the vehicle on a flying leap and luckily manages to land it safely on the other side. If you want to recreate that "hold onto your knickers, girls" moment, or at the very least see that Union Jack-covered bus in the flesh, then you can visit it at both the London and Manchester SpiceUp exhibitions. They probs won't let you drive it over Tower Bridge though. Just a hunch. But you can contribute to its restoration and become a part of its history by making a donation here and having your name inscribed on a plaque inside.


Victoria Beckham's "Wannabe" Dress

Beckham was known, during her Spice Girls days anyway, for constantly sporting variations of her classic little black dress look. One of the most recognisable numbers was of course the shift frock she wore for the "Wannabe" music video — and fans will be able to see the real thing at the SpiceUp show. But I'll let you into a little secret, while everyone thought the dress was Gucci or Selfridges, it was actually a super cheap dupe made by a local dressmaker. Exhibition founder Alan Smith-Allison told Gay Star News: "The press thought it was a little black Gucci dress, and it wasn’t...The actual dress is a £20 dress from a dressmaker from the local high street!"


Mel C's "Spice Up Your Life" Costume

During the Spice Girls heyday, Mel C invariably wore variations on a tried-tasted combo of crop top and combat trousers. And for the "Spice Up Your Life" video, where the girls loom Godzilla-like over a dystopian city, Sporty Spice accessorised her trademark look with elbow patches and appropriately steam punk-esque goggles. Quite an ensemble. The full outfit will be on display at the exhibition — arriba!


Spice Dolls

Before there were Bratz, there were (the frankly terrifying) Spice Dolls. Apologies, but looking back, they were pretty creepy looking, weren't they? Yet when they were released, pretty much every '90s kid wanted one. You won't be allowed to take the dolls at the exhibition home with you (as if anyone would actually want to), but you will get to see the dolls up close.


The Jacket Mel B Wore To Meet Nelson Mandela

What would a Spice Girl wear to meet one of the most inspiring men in modern history? A red mock croc calf length coat with matching (clashing?) green mock crock flares, of course. After meeting the Spice Girls, Mandela, the then president of South Africa, admitted he was a big fan of the group and described the meeting as "one of the greatest moments of my life," according to the Huffington Post.

Now, you can have one of the greatest moments of your life by seeing Mel B's mock croc red jacket in person at the SpiceUp exhibition.


Now, "Stop" what you're doing right now and "Spice Up Your Life" by booking your ticket for the the SpiceUp exhibition here. Please "Say you'll be there?"