This Clothing Collection Will Have You Looking Exactly Like A Vintage Barbie

Give it up for the ladies who lunch (and brunch) in attire appropriate for high society queens. An icon for dressing like a dime as if it's her job is Barbie, who's now reviving her 50s & 60s style into the human-sized world. Barbie and Unique Vintage launched a vintage-style collection (offers sizes XS to 4XL), partnering yet again with Mattel to bring Barbie's iconic vintage looks to life in this new 13-piece fall collaboration.

The collection first launched back in March with a set of spring time looks that took us back to the the past. In this new, but just as regal, collection, these outfits come in some super chic fall versions of Barbie. This edition of the Barbie x Unique Vintage collection is still based on actual looks worn on Barbie in the late 50s to 60s. It also comes back to fans in the same wiggle and swing silhouettes that come in a wide size range. Along with the outfits come classic gloves, hats and of course shoes to fulfill the Vintage Barbie ensemble. The fall collection is priced between $28 to $198, and this is worth every penny in my couch cushion.

I don't know any girl who hasn't wanted to dress like Barbie at least once in their life. And staying true to the wide size range, many more girls can that empty online shopping cart is a great place to make up for lost time.

Peep some of the best fall picks below!

Red Flare Swing Coat

Evening Splendour Brocade Coat

Black Magic Sheath Dress & Cape Set

Grey Tweed Career Girl Suit Set

Red Matinee Fashion Sheath Dress & Jacket

Red Corduroy Cheerleader Swing Skirt

Now that our Barbie dreams have come to life with even more sizes for the fall season, I just need a cute expensive clutch to complement my pumpkin spice latte.