Urban Decay's Rehab Range Is All About Makeup Prep

Edgy makeup will always be Urban Decay's bread and butter. But the brand is launching its skin-focused Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep collection, which preps, scrubs, cleanses, revitalizes, and hydrates skin and takes the act of preparing it for makeup a step further. That way, your face is in its best condition before (and after) wearing makeup. What good is a bright blush or deep bronzer or an electric eyeshadow if your canvas (aka your face) isn't at its absolute best? What's in the UD Rehab Makeup Prep Collection?

There is a something for every feature above the neck! There is the Hot Springs Hydrating Gel and Lip Love, which has shea butter and coconut oil. Both of those sound extremely "Ahh!"-inducing.

The lineup also consists of the Pore Refining Peel, Pretty Gritty Skin Polish, Oxygenated Bubble Mask, and the Moisture Layer Eye Roller. It's a bunch of products that will have your face looking and feeling flawless.

Even though UD is known for irreverent and expressive makeup, with sassy names, it's rad to see the brand really dive into the skincare realm. Good prep and post-care are essential for makeup lasting so you look your best all day.

Bustle reached out to Urban Decay reps to inquire about the Rehab Makeup Pre range launch date and details.

Here's the brand's explanation of the Rehab range. The products are packaged in white bottles with UD’s signature purple embellishments.

Words to live by!

Here's what the Rehab Makeup Prep line does — it lets you put makeup on perfectly and take it off totally. Yes and yes! Urban Decay is going for it hardcore with his latest collection

BTW, this is my Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray hack that has changed how I do my eye makeup!

Image: Urban Decay/Instagram (2)