See Every Single Item In Wet N Wild's Unicorn Collection

There's been so many unicorn beauty products popping up lately, I almost forget that the creatures aren't real. From holographic nail polish to multi-colored hair, there's nowhere that the trend hasn't gone. But now there's an entire line up of face products that you have to see to believe. What's in Wet N Wild's Unicorn Collection, you ask? Let's just say that there's everything you could ever need to nail the trend.

When it comes to nailing some of the most popular makeup looks for less, Wet N Wild is a go-to. They're created everything from gel nail polish to Rainbow Highlighter, and now they're tackling the latest trend in a big way. The brand's Unicorn Collection has everything from makeup tools to makeup staples and a few out-of-the ordinary products too. Because, duh. Think: sparkle and color like you've never seen from them before.

Wet N Wild's Unicorn Collection will be available on the Ulta website on May 21 and the brand's website on May 22. Ready for the best part? You can get all nine products for just $24.99. That breaks down to less than $3 a product. The only downfall is that this is a limited edition summer collection. So mark that date on your calendar, because this is one launch you won't want to miss.

But enough with the details. Let's get to the fun part! Every single item in the collection is so spot on. There's loose pigments in incredible colors, iridescent lipsticks, a unicorn makeup brush, and three multi-colored highlighters. Here's a close-up look at the entire collection, so you don't miss a thing.

1. Unicorn Highlighting Brush

Courtesy Wet N Wild

Because when you roll out three new mystical highlighters, you definitely need a brush to go with it.

2. Mythical Dreams Loose Pigment

Courtesy Wet N Wild

They really stepped up their game with their pigments. This lilac shade is absolutely incredible.

3. Pegasus Flutter Loose Pigment

Courtesy Wet N Wild

What would a unicorn look be without a pink pigment? Of course there's tons of shimmer added in there too.

4. Unicorn Wishes Loose Pigment

Courtesy Wet N Wild

The trio rounds out with a gorgeous sky blue. These colors look great together or on their own.

5. Bronze Over The Rainbow Highlighter

Courtesy Wet N Wild

Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter, $6, Ulta

The Rainbow Highlighter is getting a bronzed makeover. I'm will to bet that this would look just as good as bronzer as it would highlighter.

6. Everlasting Glow Highlighter

Courtesy Wet N Wild

Wet n Wild Everlasting Glow, $6, Ulta

There's also a pastel glow, for you who like your cheek shine a little more unconventional.

7. Unicorn Glow Highlighter

Courtesy Wet N Wild

Of course, the unicorn collection wouldn't be complete without the highlighter that started it all.

8. Immortal Tears Lip Color

Courtesy Wet N Wild

How adorable is that! The iridescent lip color even has a little unicorn carved into it.

9. Unicorn Soul Lip Color

Courtesy Wet N Wild

The collection is complete with this shimmery blue lippie, which fits in nicely with the rest of the products.

Does it get any more mystical than this? I think not. Mark your calendars because with these products at an amazing price, it won't be around for long.