Here’s What ‘Bachelor’ Dark Horse Fave Jacqueline Is Up To After The Show

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jacqueline is one of those Bachelor contestants who may not have made a huge impression on audiences right off the bat, but has stuck around long enough for people to know and love her. The contestant has been quiet yet engaging, and she's certainly caught the attention of Arie as she remains in the top seven women left in the house. Filming wrapped late last year, even though audiences still have a few weeks to go to see who gets the final rose. So what is Jacqueline doing after The Bachelor?

Like many of the women who have appeared on the show, she's loaded up her social media posting throwbacks of her Bachelor adventures, as well as snapshots of what she's up to now. She seems to be based out of New York and is always giving her followers glimpses of the skyline and what seem to be her favorite spots around the city. She also hasn't stopped traveling even after her globe-trotting Bachelor endeavors, and boasts plenty of both casual and glamorous travel shots. She's also very into her studies, which was something that came up in a conversation she had with Arie earlier this season. Jacqueline said she was worried that it might be a conflict for her to pursue her studies somewhere other than Arie's town. Finding a location that works for both individual's career and schooling needs is something that a lot of couples — and potential couples, in this case — have to grapple with, and Arie and Jacqueline were no exception.

According to Jacqueline's Twitter, she's going into clinical psychology (not chemical psychology, as some have apparently speculated), and it's no surprise that she's got more years of education in front of her. She also spends a lot of her time these days live-tweeting The Bachelor and joking about her time on the show. In an Instagram post from last month, she hilariously addressed what some people saw as her "lack of airtime." "Some of you have commented on my lack of airtime," she wrote alongside a photo of her and Kendall. "The reason for this is that at this point in the process, I was in love with someone else. Kendall and I cuddled on the couch, cheers’d pee canisters, discussed the philosophy of magic and traded zoology facts with poetry."

She also admitted that she isn't present for some of the drama filmed between the girls and Arie because she likes to hang at the bar, where cameras aren't always present and she may not be in the middle of all the commotion. Respect. Jacqueline also blessed us last episode with what is definitely my favorite line of the entire season — she said that a solo date with Arie was similar to receiving a pony as a gift, then being told that "if you don't learn to ride the pony in one day it will be shot." This is a girl I could hang with.

Other than what Jacqueline shares on social media, it's impossible to know what she's really up to these days. And, she's likely pretty purposeful with what she posts, as the winner of the season has yet to be revealed. If she were to load up her Instagram or Twitter accounts with photos of her and another guy, or even perhaps photos of Arie, that'd ruin the magic, and certainly be against all the rules the girls agreed to when they signed up to be on the show.

Though the details of her life after filming wrapped will have to be speculated upon based on social media, a few things are clear about Jacqueline — she's smart and she's ambitious. She seemed pretty clear about the fact that she wouldn't compromise her career goals just to accommodate a relationship with Arie, nor should she. She doesn't seem like she's anywhere near stopping, and she'll accomplish her goals with or without Arie by her side.