Everything Jake's Been Doing Since 'Bachelorette' Filming Wrapped Could Be A Clue

ABC/Paul Hebert

Now that Becca's season of The Bachelorette is upon us, it's time to take to the internet and see what's been going on with the suitors since they stopped filming — and maybe before they start getting intense about posting and hiding spoilers. What has Jake been doing after The Bachelorette stopped filming? Life goes on for the suitor, though there are always clues to be found if you look hard enough.

According to Jake's official ABC bio, he is a marketing consultant. "I actually think breakfast is the most romantic meal of the day," he said in an intro video. Forward, or honest? You decide.

"This adventure-seeking Minneapolis native grew up riding dirt bikes in rural areas, racing motocross since the age of 13. He's also jumped off the third highest bungee jump in the world! He is a hopeless romantic who likes to write poems and loves a good dance."

What's he doing now? Of course, a lot of this speculation depends on when Jake stopped filming The Bachelorette. According to TMZ, (Bachelorette spoilers at the link ahead), the finale was filmed as recently as May 10, 2018. For Jake, he could have been back weeks or even months ago depending on when and if he got shown the limo doors.

Bachelor Nation members already know that Becca fell for multiple contestants on the ABC series. "I did develop really strong feelings for a couple of them and I did fall for two guys at the end, yes," she said in an interview with E! that also revealed she ends the season engaged. "I wanted to go through the entire season doing me, and treating these guys with respect. So I will say that I tried to do that the entire journey."

If you check out Jake's Instagram stories, you can see that he's back at work, hanging with a cute puppy, and basically going along with life. His Twitter is locked up at the moment, though it doesn't seem as if Jake was using the platform all that much before his brush with reality fame. You can look at Jake's work Instagram as well for more potential clues. Here are some other looks at what he's been doing in the last month.

Buying A Suit?

For a special occasion? That's, um, not suspicious at all. He's also on a boat in Minnesota in one video that could be deemed suspect — though he lives in Becca's home state as well.

Sharing Mom Quotes

"Seeing tulips is fun," reads the caption! This was a Mother's Day post, so it could be a throwback situation, but it's still cute. You might say he's keeping mum about his post-Bachelorette activities.

'Gramming Some Art

This post came on March 4, before filming began. So, he didn't post between early march and mid-May. That could signal that he was busy filming for a long time. Or... that ABC has gotten better about locking down early cast-offs' IG pages.

Before The Bachelorette started filming, Jake's posts included parties, concerts, outdoor activities, and even some interesting dance moves. No sponsored content yet, either, but that may just be a matter of time.

In the Facebook Live video that introduced Becca's many men, Chris Harrison hinted that Jake and Becca have a kind of history. As fellow Minnesota natives, that's not too surprising. "They have differing versions of this past," Harrison teased, "You'll learn more about that, of course, as the show goes on."

For many of the men this season, it's too soon to tell what happens on their love journeys. Keep your eyes peeled on those social media accounts for clues as Becca's Bachelorette season sets sail.