Jamie Has Been Focusing On A Different Kind Of Relationship After 'The Bachelor: LTYH'

Before appearing on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, Jamie hadn't released much of her music. She was nervous on the show, too, getting significant stage fright before her first few performances. But as the season went on, she got more confident, and that's led bled into her life post-filming. Her Instagram is now full of covers and clips of original songs, and she's about to release her debut single, "Go to Your Head."

The song was originally scheduled to drop on Monday, May 18 — the same day as the Listen to Your Heart season finale. But on May 17, Jamie shared an update video announcing its postponement to May 22. She didn't offer much explanation for the delay, other than that she wants to ensure the song is "in tip top shape" before its release.

In a previous video, she talked more about the songwriting process. "This song means everything to me. It was so special writing it," she said. "It's crazy how it all came together. My dad took the cover art photo, I recorded those vocals in my basement ... I hope that you guys are able to feel what I felt when I wrote it, and I'm just so excited for you guys to hear it." She also mentioned that she has "something in the works" that she can't say much about yet, other than that it's "a really big surprise."

Aside from that, Jamie's been feeling the quarantine blues. She spent the first few weeks isolated at her family's home in New Jersey, and has recently returned to her apartment in Nashville. While she was stuck in her childhood bedroom, though, she took the opportunity to share a few original songs, including one called "Myself First."

"As I continue to learn more about myself and grow both as a person and an artist, I realize how important self love really is," she wrote alongside the video. "It isn't always easy, I still have my moments haha DON’' WE ALL, but I truly believe loving yourself and putting yourself first is vital before you can give your heart away to someone else."

She also shared a clip of a song called "I'll Say It," which is dedicated to people like herself who have struggled with body image issues. "I am very open with the fact that learning to love myself and my body has been a journey, and I am still on it," she wrote. "Until I believe in my worth or until you do...say it until you believe it."

Whether or not Jamie is still with Trevor, she did leave The Bachelor in a new, long-term relationship: one with herself.