What's Leaving Netflix In April 2018 So You Can Make Sure You Don't Miss A Thing

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Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. It's the circle of life. And in this life, that means that means that every new month of the year brings with it new content available to stream on Netflix, as well as content being taken off your possible Watchlist. Out of everything leaving Netflix in April 2018, something is bound sting. And whether it's the impending absence of The Shawshank Redemption or Kung Fu Panda that's giving you heartbreak, it's time to get these cinematic triumphs off your to-watch list and onto your watched list — before they're gone for good.

Hoping to use Cool Runnings as a way to hold onto the Winter Olympics a little longer? Well, hope no longer, because the movie is going to disappear from Netflix Instant Watch on April 1. And that's just one of the many movies being taken out of streaming commission in the month. But fear not, Netflix is not without mercy. For every movie it takes, it gives. And instead of Cool Runnings, you can watch Friday Night Lights to meet your sports movie needs. Still, new additions can only lessen the sting of everything leaving Netflix in April so much. So, it's best you prepare yourself.

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