How Natascha From 'The Bachelor' Has Been Spending Quarantine

The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Natascha

Nastascha may have come into the Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart with a bang, but she left pretty quietly. During Monday night's episode, she sang the wrong part of her song with Ryan, and it was enough to convince the judges something was off between them, ultimately choosing to send the two home. But they didn't seem to have any hard feelings, and now, three months after filming The Bachelor, Natascha is reliving her experience from quarantine.

"Can't wait to hug you when this is all over," she captioned a recent Instagram post. "Been feeling super over emotional and very in my head during these days and just stopping my mind to smell the roses for just a minute makes all the difference to help re-center."

Still, Natascha is managing to make time to work. On her May 10 Instagram Story, she shared a clip from inside a low lit sound booth. "Late night sessions means somethings cominggggg," she wrote. "YOU WANNA HEAR?" She hasn't yet shared a sample of what's most likely a new song, but she has teased a little about what to expect.

"I think it's always super important to honor and represent your heritage and be proud of your roots... it's what makes you uniquely you!" she wrote on Instagram. "I was born and raised in #NYC, but I’m proud to be half #French and half #Chilean and I learned both French and Spanish by just speaking with my grandparents. I always try to incorporate that in my music."

It's unclear where Natascha is currently staying: she recently posted from an unnamed snowy location, but has lived in Los Angeles for the last few years, and the photo could have just been a throwback. Nonetheless, she's sending love to her hometown of New York City during this time of crisis. "This city made me, built me, shaped me, and I am as strong as I am because of it," she wrote on Instagram. "Even though I followed the sun to LA for the past few years, I am a New Yorker in my heart for life. My family is all there and I am with you now through this."