Here's What's Open On Memorial Day 2017

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We’ve hit the home stretch for that blessed day everyone looks forward to each year, when we all get a day free from work and the unofficial start of summer kicks off: Memorial Day. And while Memorial Day is really meant to honor to women and men who have served and protected us through the military, it comes with some pretty sweet perks, too. Think time with family, all-day pool parties, backyard barbecues, and a free excuse to wear white pants again (not that you need an excuse to wear all white, you do you). But if your anticipation for Memorial Day gets the best of you, it’s easy to forget to make arrangements for how to celebrate. In fact, most of us know the all-too-common reality of waiting until Monday rolls around, needing supplies, and then asking that puzzling, inevitable question: What’s open on Memorial Day?

Whether you’re celebrating at home, heading outside to enjoy the land, or are planning a trip to Washington D.C. to celebrate the holiday in all its patriotic glory, best to make some plans before Monday rolls around. Need some help? Here’s your cheat sheet for what’s open on Memorial Day.

1. Grocery Stores

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Need another round of hamburgers? Most grocery stores stay open for Memorial Day.

2. Target

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The party gods have shone upon us, because Target is in fact open on Memorial Day! Stop by for party hats, a pineapple cocktail shaker, chips, cute coolers, and anything else your pool party needs.

3. The National Monuments

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Though be advised: they will be busy. The capital city will have plenty of activities going on throughout the day to celebrate. Check this out to plan your day.

4. Chipotle

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Because the need for guac stops for no holiday, most Chipotle locations should be open according to their posted store hours.

5. Malls And Department Stores

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Many department stores are known for staying open and running super sales all weekend long.

6. Most ‘Big Box' Stores

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Think Barnes & Noble, Dick’s Sporting Goods, IKEA, Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. And most hold big sales over the holiday, too!

7. Movie Theaters

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Though you won’t be the only one trying to catch a flick over the holiday. Movie theaters are notoriously crowded on Memorial Day, and often schedule new releases for the holiday weekend. They often add additional showings to offset the crowds, too!

8. Public Transportation.

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Though be advised that some routes might run on limited service or holiday schedules. Check Google Maps for current schedules.

10. Some Museums

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Some museums — especially if they’re considered national monuments or memorials — stay open on Memorial Day. Call ahead to check, and see if they offer holiday pricing.

12. Trader Joe’s

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And thank God for that! If you need to run and pick up a couple bottles of wine to keep the party going as it rolls over from day to night, stop by Trader Joe’s.