Peter's Post-'Bachelorette' Life Is Looking Really Good, Guys

by Amy Roberts
George Burns/ABC

Fans are eagerly waiting to find out whether he'll be leaving the show with an engagement. What Peter from The Bachelorette is doing now is keeping pretty busy. The handsome suitor, who is in the running to win Rachel Lindsay's heart once and for all, has been a pretty solid forerunner since day one. And if you've been one of those Bachelorette fans appreciating Peter's sexy modeling photos that surfaced recently, then you likely already know that he is a former model. From judging his social media posts, though, it would appear that Peter is currently building up his personal trainer business, while also spending time at home with his family.

It's clear that Peter is relishing the opportunity to utilize his newfound Bachelor Nation fame in order to promote his business, Peter Kraus Fitness. While he's running a number of fitness boot camps, and presumably also helping clients on a one-on-one basis, the contestant also mentioned that he was taking Peter Kraus Fitness on the road, which obviously involves a great deal of travelling. A whole lot of candid Instagram posts show Peter looking totally shirtless and totally ripped while working out. Blessed be the fruit, guys.

However, though Peter is obviously working hard right now, it also looks as though he's taking some time to chill out, too. His Instagram is full of adorable posts showing the contestant having a great time hanging out with family in Wisconsin, while also spending time with his adorable dog, Daisy. As Romper speculates, Peter spending so much time at home could point to the contestant looking for a supportive, comforting environment following a bad breakup. The kind where he didn't receive Rachel's final rose. However, this could also just be Peter cleverly trying to distract Bachelorette fans from the fact that he totally becomes the winning suitor, but simply hasn't let that event change his life too much.

Basically, it looks as though Peter has pretty much returned straight back to the life he had prior to The Bachelorette. He's career focused and family focused, and he's still happy to share his bodacious body to the world. For which we should definitely all be thankful. If Rachel doesn't happen to pick Peter during the three-hour Bachelorette finale on Aug. 7, then suffice to say, there's clearly thousands of women who would happily offer their final rose to him, instead.