How Teddi From ‘RHOBH’ Made A Career Out Of Her Own Fitness Journey

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Just in time for the holidays, like a special gift wrapped in drama and Chanel, a Season 8 of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is upon us. And a brand new cast member is joining the ladies this time around. Newcomer Teddi Mellencamp, who is musician John Mellencamp's daughter, is going to try her hand at hanging with this intimidating bunch. And while the fact that she is a Grammy Award-winning musician's offspring is pretty fascinating, fans may be eager to learn a little more about the newest Housewife herself, like what's what's RHOBH star Teddi Jo Mellencamp's job?

Well, according to Teddi's Instagram page, her job, aside from being a proud wife and mother of two, is being an Accountability Coach. Don't worry if you have never heard of it, because it will become clear in a moment exactly what Teddi does. Everyone knows that getting into shape is hard, and sticking to a nutrition and workout routine is even harder. Wouldn't it be easier if you had someone who was there to hold you accountable to maintaining and surpassing your fitness and health goals that you have set for yourself? Of course it would. Well, that's where Teddi's job comes in.

Luckily, it seems like Teddi, who is now likely getting a lot more attention since it was announced that she is the newest RHOBH cast member, has taken it upon herself to explain in simple terms what her job actually entails. In an Instagram post recently, she laid out that it is essentially her job to motivate and to stay in contact with her clients about their workout goals, health and eating plans. She can help them feel more inspired and aid in adjusting things that aren't working for them individually. Her company, called LA Workout Junkie is where you can get on her radar to get your own fitness goals within reach. (Start with the Wellness Program Signup Form, where you outline what you're looking to achieve, as well as your current routine. Pricing isn't listed on the site, unfortunately.) Essentially, she is the kick in the butt that everyone really needs to stay focused on their physical health.

Teddi herself is very familiar with the frustrations that come along with achieving a body that you are comfortable with, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In a recent interview with People, Teddi opened up about her own fitness journey. Her weight has fluctuated since she was very young, and she felt that staying healthy became more unmanageable during and after pregnancy. She told the magazine that she was at her low point after she had her son Cruz. She explained, “I thought [the weight] was just going to come off, but it didn’t. I was constantly complaining to my husband and my friends. I was angry a lot of the time.”

It is clear that Teddi has figured out the secret to looking and feeling great, because her Instagram feed not only shows off her own amazing results due to her hard work and never quit attitude, but she also showcases her clients unbelievable and highly inspirational results as well. She also posts some seriously inspiring words to keep her followers feeling motivated to get off the couch and care about their health. Honestly, everyone could use a Teddi in their lives to keep them positive and moving.

It'll be exciting to see how Teddi will fit in with the ladies of Beverly Hills. Let's hope that they embrace her positive attitude and maybe take some lessons from her along the way. Because really, everyone could use some more accountability.