Here’s What The ‘Below Deck’ Crew Has Been Up To Since Season 5

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Season 5 of Below Deck is now in the past. The season finale aired in early December, but filming happened a few months before that. So, what is the Below Deck cast doing after Season 5? The crew of Valor have been up to a lot after their most recent charter season.

A number of the crew have spoken with Bravo's The Daily Dish updating fans on what they’ve been doing post-filming. Chief stewardess Kate dedicated some her time to charity work after the show. She said in a video for the Dish that she’s recently opened up a nonprofit vintage consignment store for her local women and children’s shelter, which is awesome.

Chef Matt has been busy, too. After the show ended he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, although their new relationship would end the same way as it did before. Following that most recent breakup, he said in an interview with The Daily Dish that he started drinking again (something he had sworn off doing toward the latter part of the season), and is working to become a more well-rounded chef. He is making these strides by traveling, continuing to charter, and by taking a new baking class, as well, he told the blog.

Stewardess Jen also spoke with The Daily Dish about her recent life developments. Back home with her nine-year-old daughter, she’s been working as a realtor. Not only that, but she has also moved to a different house and delved into a bit of DIY work by building her own deck.

Finally, recently promoted bosun Nico ultimately went back to be with his family, following the recent death of his younger brother. He passed just before filming began on this most recent season. Back in Chicago, Nico has been working on a charity bringing attention to the need for organ and tissue donation according his Daily Dish interview. In a recent tweet, Nico said that his brother was a donor and through his loss was able to give life to others — so it's clearly a cause close to Nico's heart. In other news, Nico has confirmed he is getting his captain’s license and by next summer plans to own a small yacht with his brother, which they plan to offer for charters, as well, he said in that same interview.

Of course, we can’t discuss Nico without discussing Brianna. The two had a bit of a relationship over the course of this season. On the last day of the show however, Nico, told Brianna that despite saying he’d stay behind a few days with her, he decided to leave to get back together with his ex-girlfriend back home in Chicago.

While it isn’t clear whether or not Nico and his ex actually got back together, fans were more concerned about Brianna's feelings and how Nico handled the break-up. Following the moment, tons of fans sent tweets to Brianna asking her if she was OK, or just sending well-wishes. Fans should be happy to know that Brianna seems to be just fine, though. She recently tweeted several times in response to the Below Deck season finale episode. One read, “No broken heart here,” and another read: “No worries, my feelings were not invested in Nico.” Her most recent tweet included a GIF of her dancing with the caption: “oh I will be juuuuuuuust fine! lol wooooo.”

And, all of the cast members will certainly have money to spend in the offseason. As fans learned in the last episode, with the $30,000 tip for final charter, this season's tip total was massive. At $168,000, according to Captain Lee, it was in fact a record amount of tips for a charter season. Not too shabby for a several weeks worth of work.

With the show and the reunion behind them, the crew can continue moving on with their lives. All that's left to speculate is whether anyone will return for a still unannounced Season 6, and, if so, who? Perhaps missing out on those record-breaking earnings could be the final push needed for former Below Deck chef and cast member, Ben Robinson to return for another season, after his year long hiatus. After all, he told The Daily Dish he would be open to returning to the show in the future.