15 Millennials Confess The Craziest Thing They've Done For Love & It'll Leave You Shook

by Kaitlyn Vagner

Love makes us do crazy things — and sometimes it's not always the romantic gesture thought it would be. I learned this during my first relationship, when I was head over heels in young love. My first threesome with my partner in high school was a powerful experience that I can say without hesitation was the craziest thing I've ever done for love.

Being involved in a threesome with an romantic partner was an act that challenged my ideas on jealousy, fidelity, and commitment. My partner and I had a stormy, tumultuous relationship, so our dynamic was incredibly unhealthy. My mind was inundated by the constant feeling that I was not enough for him and that I needed to do more and more to satisfy him. Like with many emotionally abusive partners, nothing I did was ever enough for him. He initiated the idea of having a threesome with my best friend, Caroline. Although I was hesitant, I told myself that it would strengthen our bond. It would satisfy him and make him love me more.

Our threesome felt awkward and uncomfortable. Although I smiled and acted like I was happy and having fun, I felt hurt and jealous. My heart sank when I watched the person I love be intimate with someone else. Although I had consented to it, watching Caroline having sex with my partner was devastating. I felt inadequate, and like he was betraying me before my very eyes.

I see now that I had done the threesome for all of the wrong reasons. I believed that I needed to do anything I could to satisfy my partner, even if it meant pushing my own boundaries. In my experience, my over-the-top romantic gesture didn't go as planned. Here's what other 15 millennials have done in the name of love.


Monica, 23

"I got a tattoo of his name.. on my ass."


Andy, 22

"I was 15 and I stole my mom's car in the middle of the night to go see my girlfriend."


Laila, 23

"I snuck my boyfriend in through my window on prom night. When the security alarms went off I played clueless while I hid him in the closet!"


Kristen, 27

"My boyfriend was stationed at a military base in Hawaii and I moved from Oregon to be with him."


Taylar, 24

"I met a guy while I was studying abroad in London. I went back to America and we kept talking. During my break I flew to go visit with him... he ghosted me and I left early."


Kellen, 28

"I wrote letters to him every single day that he was in boot camp."


Vivian, 24

"My boyfriend was always talking about how much he loved blonde girls. I dyed my hair blonde and hated it so much I walked back into the salon 30 minutes later and dyed it back to brunette. Never change yourself for a someone!"


Skyler, 22

"I pretended I was pregnant so he wouldn't break up with me."


Alison, 27

"I sent myself gifts and pretended they were from a secret admirer so that he would get jealous."


Nikki, 27

"He was in a frat and I broke in through a window. I think my craziness turned him on and we ended up hooking up."


Reina, 22

"I would hack on to his Facebook and his email and read all his messages then mark them as unread."


Casey, 22

"I got into a fight with another girl at a bar because she wouldn't stop talking to my crush. I've never gotten into a fight in my life."


Gina, 28

"He cheated on me so I hooked up with all of his best friends."


Jess, 23

"I moved across the country to be with him when he was stationed at a military base. I ended up having an affair with his best friend and marrying him!"

Love is a leap of faith. Love is blind. Love is intoxicating. Love can make us do strange things. Sometimes they're are worth it, and sometimes they totally backfire. But we should embrace the experience and view it as an opportunity to laugh, learn, and grow.