Cody Has Alex On His Mind On 'BB19'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Cody Nickson's time as Head of Household on Big Brother 19 may go down as the most eventful HOH tenure in BB history. He has nominated five people for eviction over the course of one week, and may have blown up his entire alliance by trying to nominate Paul and Christmas. What remains unclear is why Cody has threatened his standing amongst a 9-person alliance to save Alex. What's going on between Alex and Cody, and why did Cody throw a competition to save her?

After having one of his nominees self-evict, Cody nominated Alex for eviction against Jillian. His entire alliance (consisting of couples Mark and Elena and Raven and Matt, as well as Paul, Christmas, and Dominique) seemed to agree that Alex was the main target and was a serious risk to their alliance. However, when the time came for Cody to make sure he didn't get the HOH, he threw the competition and made sure that Alex won the Power of Veto.

This may have just been to help Cody have a way to backdoor Paul (which backfired thanks to the Den Of Temptation, resulting in Christmas being nominated), but there's something fishy about Cody's relationship with Alex. Is there something more going on here?

Twitter seems to suspect that Cody may be more interested in spending time with Alex than anyone else in the house. Despite being in power and in a showmance with Jessica, Cody seems to have Alex on his mind pretty frequently. The most glaring example came in the form of Cody being in bed with Jessica and accidentally calling her by Alex's name. His interest in Alex may purely be out of respect, as she's a strong competitor who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Meanwhile, she doesn't seem to be interested in becoming friendly with Cody any time soon, but as long as he's in the house she may have someone looking out for her.

These two may grow closer as the summer goes on, but as for now, what's at the root of the unspoken connection between Alex and Cody remains a mystery.