'Vanderpump Rules' Fans Have TONS Of Questions About James & Logan

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone can probably agree that Vanderpump Rules has been absolutely bananas this season. And the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 trailer teased a moment that's still to come that certainly sent fans' curiosity going into overdrive. The scene in question showed what looked to be James Kennedy kissing his friend Logan. Of course, this sparked some serious rumors about James and Logan from Vanderpump Rules. So what's the deal with these buddies?

As fans likely know, Season 6 has found James still dating his longtime lady Raquel Leviss, who is currently attending Sonoma State University and is an aspiring Miss California USA. By all accounts, it appears that James and Raquel are happier than ever and have a solid relationship. At least they appear as solid as any of James' relationships have ever been. In fact, when fans were first introduced to James' friend Logan, the two were waiting together at James' apartment for Raquel to come home from college.

It was that possible kiss between James and someone who very clearly isn't Raquel that has fans wondering what could really be happening between the supposed platonic friends. After the very first episode, fans took to Twitter to express their opinions about what could possibly be going on between James and Logan, who appear to be very affectionate and close.

Some fans were immediately suspicious about a possible romance:

And some fans didn't really know what to think, but they sense something could be up:

Obviously, their chemistry didn't go completely unnoticed. And the trailer moment is still to come. James and Logan could have just been cheekily kissing as friends. It could have been a kiss on the cheek or forehead that was edited to look more sexual than it actually was. These are completely rational possibilities, because sometimes reality television is all smoke and mirrors.

I've noticed that with most reality shows, the teasers always seem to make things look a lot more scandalous than they end up actually being. When it comes to Vanderpump Rules, however, things are usually exactly how they seem. Just look at the Jax and Brittany cheating scandal. That was advertised pretty much exactly how it went down in the episode. So, there is a distinct possibility that this rumor has some real legs.

Now, here is the thing that could change the game. A quick look at James' Instagram account will shoot this rumor down pretty quickly, at least at surface value. Only four pictures in, on Jan. 11, James posted a beautiful photo of Raquel with the caption, "Dinner time with my beauty before DJing tonight at SUR. Come say hi." Surely, even to the untrained eye, this would appear to display the fact that James and Raquel are still very much together and by all appearances, pretty happy as well. It is safe to assume that if James had cheated on Raquel with Logan, there would likely be at least a little fallout between them, but he has been happily posting about Raquel for months now.

Rumors are always going to swirl around this group of friends, because Vanderpump Rules is and always will be a sweet oasis of delicious drama that will never disappoint. But to be honest, if James really is having a relationship with Logan or has hooked up with him at all, it is his business to decide how and where to tell or to keep it a secret. I assume that he'd want to deal with it in his own time.. Who knows? Vanderpump Rules fans might get their answer this season, so stay tuned. Either way, some viewers will probably keep on low-key 'shipping these friends.