What's Up With Robert Downey Jr.'s Dog? Here's Why People Are Freaking Out Over This Photo

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Iron Man's alleged dog is causing quite the stir across the internet. Seriously, what's up with Robert Downey Jr.'s dog? You may have come across headlines covering this particular topic. You also may be super confused about why so many people care about what may or may not be the Marvel star's pup. Well, allow me to explain. Trust me, you're going to want to stick around to hear why so many people are freaking out over a photo of Downey and this dog.

On Wednesday, radio host and film critic for The Sun Jamie East tweeted a photo of The Avengers actor and his wife, Susan Downey, hanging with friends. To be clear, this picture is from May 24, 2009 and apparently The Hills' Kristin Cavallari is the blonde in the photo, which has nothing to do with the dog.

Moving on. At first glance, it just looks like a typical celebrity hangout in what is said to be Malibu. If you take another stare, look to the right and you'll see the now famous dog. Look at the face! What is happening? Before diving in, it doesn't actually seem like this dog belongs to Downey. Seeing as the photo was taken in 2009, People reported in 2010 that he didn't have a dog. None of that really matters, because this dog is causing a huge reaction all on their own thanks to whatever is going on here.

Ever since East tweeted the photo and wrote alongside it, "WTF is Robert Downey Jr's dog doing?", a slew of memes and responses have hit the social media network. Users can't help but respond with their own take on what they think the dog is doing and how the photo is making them feel.

To give you a taste, here are just a few of the many reactions.

It Relates To The Weather

I guess it's going to be a great weekend.

The Most Obvious Response

He just couldn't help himself.

The Next Fifty Shades Movie

That might actually be better than the real thing.

Some Are A Little Bit Jealous

They're just being really honest.

Yeah, Someone Said This

No. Just no.

And Then There's This


The Best Response


Downey has yet to comment on the photo from eight years ago now becoming a trend, but here's hoping he does so he can clear up all of the confusion.