Something Is VERY Wrong With This New ‘Iron Fist’ Character & It’s Bad News For Danny

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1 and 2 of Iron Fist Season 2. An Iron Fist newcomer seems to be inserting herself into Danny Rand's life, but she doesn't seem to be your average sketch artist with an interest in the heir of a massive corporation. Mary Walker, played by Alice Eve, is all smiles whenever Danny Rand is around, but often needs to remove herself from situations due to what appears to be an incredibly painful headache. There's no indication that something happened to Mary before her first outburst, but something is wrong with Mary on Iron Fist, and Danny Rand has reason to be concerned.

Of all the Marvel TV shows on Netflix, Iron Fist is the one most likely to have an unusual story element included in its plot. Sure, there are people who can command others through mere suggestion, evil ninja organizations, and men with unbreakable skin floating around the Netflix Marvel universe, but only Iron Fist has a man whose fist glows because he beat a dragon in a fight once. It's fair to say that whatever is going on with Mary is going to end up being pretty unusual, considering just how odd Iron Fist can get. But just how unusual is Mary's condition? An investigation into the character's comic book backstory proves that there something huge going on that is causing Mary's frequent headaches, and suggests that Mary's condition could be a huge threat to Danny Rand.

Comics spoilers and spoilers for Iron Fist Season 2 through Episode 6 ahead. Mary Walker is the real name of Marvel supervillian Typhoid Mary. The character is named after "Typhoid" Mary Mallon, who, according to The History Channel, was presumed to have infected 51 people with Typhoid Fever. Typhoid Mary's poisonings resulted in three deaths in the early 1900's, but Iron Fist's take on the comics character is far more deadly than that. It's revealed Typhoid Mary is a hired killer, employed by Joy Meachum to collect information on Danny Rand and presumably kill him in the near future. In her first appearances she seems to be a kind-natured artist just trying to make her way in the world, but later episodes in the season show the darker side of Mary Walker.

Mary's kindness to Danny Rand may seem like an act, but it turns out that her growing relationship with Rand is actually genuine. Mary has dissociative personality disorder, meaning that her personality is fragmented into two different manifestations of Mary. Although they share a brain, Mary Walker seems to be either unaware or actively opposed to Typhoid Mary's plan to collect information on Rand. Whether or not Mary is aware of her other self's intentions is unclear, but it seems that having to save space for two personalities with conflicting wants and needs in her mind causes her a great deal of pain.

Typhoid Mary is a major threat to Iron Fist's well-being, but he seems to be forming a friendship with Mary Walker. What will happen if Iron Fist is forced to choose between defending himself from Typhoid Mary or protecting Mary Walker from herself? Only time will tell if he's willing to fight someone who is both a friend and an enemy.