Yuki's 'Bachelor Winter Games' Goodbye Was HEARTBREAKING


Although she hasn't made a love connection all season long, Yuki has quickly become a Bachelor Winter Games fan favorite and her adorable personality was enough for everyone to fall in love with her both on the show and off. Sadly, though, Yuki was sent home from The Bachelor Winter Games on Tuesday night's episode, and there wasn't a dry eye in the entire state of Vermont — or among fans watching her departure at home.

On last week's episode, Yuki was almost sent home during the rose ceremony, but she was saved by Ben Higgins, who gave her his rose out of the friendship they shared (which was actually really cute). Then, on Tuesday, Ben made the call to go home, knowing that he hadn't made any connections with anyone and he was still struggling with feelings he had for his ex, Lauren Bushnell. Yuki was understandably sad to see her friend go, and as soon as Chris Harrison walked in to have a chat with Yuki, it was all over for her too. She was the last single person standing and a show about ~love~ can't have one single contestant and a bunch of couples, no matter how amazing Yuki is.

So, Yuki was sent home to her friends and family, but first she had to say goodbye to everyone in Vermont.

First of all, seeing Yuki cry is the worst (especially since she cries with, like, all the energy she has in her body) and second of all, every other person in the room had tears streaming down their faces, too. Like Ashley said, being that Yuki's from the other side of the world, it's hard to say when or if she'd ever see her again, so saying goodbye was incredibly hard.

And then there are the fans, who were similarly devastated. Many of them took to Twitter to mourn the loss of Yuki's presence on the show, who may genuinely have the purest soul that any of us have ever and may ever see on The Bachelor franchise as a whole.

Many of the fans weren't afraid to admit that Yuki leaving had them in tears. Do you really have a heart if you weren't crying, though?

Others, however, were far more focused on how they could possibly get the show to bring her back — whether it was for a future season of The Bachelorette or maybe even Bachelor in Paradise this summer, which she would clearly be perfect for.

Fortunately, the people behind the scenes of the show also love Yuki and creator Mike Fleiss would be totally happy to see her on BiP. “I’d like to bring Yuki back for Paradise,” Fleiss said to the New York Times.

Seeing everyone cry, including Yuki, was tough, especially since she kept saying how much she was going to miss her new friends. Even though she was excited to get back home, she obviously was having a good time in Vermont, and it's sad to see that it had to come to an end because she hadn't paired up yet.

Fortunately, these days, it seems like Yuki is doing just fine — according to her Instagram, anyway. She's been posting plenty of photos from her time on Bachelor Winter Games, yes, but she's also sharing a lot of things from her time back at home. She looks really happy, and it doesn't seem like she's any worse for the wear after leaving the show without finding love. At least, not romantic love, anyway.

Just because Yuki didn't find love on Bachelor Winter Games doesn't mean her search is over. Knowing how sweet and genuine she seems to be, she undoubtedly won't have any trouble finding the right person (maybe in Paradise) — and in the meantime, she will most certainly be missed by her fans and costars.