Balmain Bags & Shoes Will Drop This Year

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and ko. are no doubt stoked about this news. Balmain is launching an accessories line this year and it's a rebirth for the fashion house. Remember the "Balmainia" that surrounded the brand's H&M collab back in 2015? There were lots of strong shoulders, bold prints, and gold accents in that high x low, fast fashion mashup, which sold out on the quick. Balmain has certainly become an instantly recognizable brand under the stewardship of Olivier Rousteing and thanks to the support of the Kardashian krew. When are Balmain accessories available to buy?

Well, according to a teaser video posted by the brand, the accessories are slated to drop at boutiques in June 2017. We will know exactly what's in the collection when all of those details are revealed on Jan. 21.

The intel that accompanies the video reveals that Balmain accessories will include bags for men and women, shoes, and more.

The clip, starring the fabulous and always stylin' Rousteing, is a further indicator that the Balmain accessories collection will include these details: tassels, thread, a coin motif, and lots of gold.

Those are the clues that you will pick up from watching the minute-long spot. The spot even had me thinking Balmain might do headphones.

Just watch the video and you'll understand why I leapt to that conclusion.

In the accompanying video description, the brand notes it is "pleased to announce the rebirth of the historic Parisian house's accessories collection. The new bag designs for men and women, as well as the new shoe offerings, will be introduced on the 21st of January, during the presentation of the men's fall-winter and women's pre-fall collections. This new generation of Balmain accessories will be available at boutiques worldwide in June 2017." #HardFacts.

As for Rousteing's source of inspo? There were three, actually, and no, one of them wasn't Kendall Jenner. He plumed the house's archives, the "Balmain atelier's continuing mastery of traditional couture techniques," and his own definitive aesthetic from the last five years.

Also, there are three things associated with each of the collection's three families. They are as follows. The Renaissance Line centers on a gold coin medallion.

The Balmain Le 44 designs prominently feature a gilded thread.

Lastly, a gold hotel key charm with leather tassels defines the Domaine Collection.

How's that for a gold-dipped tease? If you want to invest in a new bag or shoes this year, start saving for the Balmain offerings.

Images: Courtesy of YouTube (5)