Here's When You Can Expect Christmas Sandwiches To Start Hitting Supermarket Shelves

Grilled sandwiches with cheese, ham and cranberry chutney on plate. Perfectly idea for Christmas lun...

Halloween and Bonfire Night are still on the horizon, but supermarkets may be about to bring back your favourite festive treat. October isn’t exactly Christmas season but you could be seeing festive food hitting the shelves very soon. There’s loads that’s great about the most wonderful time of the year but the food has to be the best. So, when are Christmas sandwiches hitting the supermarkets in 2019? It may not be time to hang up the tinsel and dig out your hat and scarf but a Christmas meal deal is the one treat that gets me through the working week in the colder months.

You may not be able to get turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwiches just yet but if 2018 is anything to go on, you might be able to put a Christmas twist on your lunchtime very soon. In 2018, Christmas sandwiches and meal deals hit the shelves in some supermarkets on Oct. 4, as the Mirror reported at the time.

Boots was among the first to start selling their festive meal deal ranges despite the big day being months away, the Mirror's report showed. Marks and Spencers, ASDA, the Co-op, Greggs, and Tesco all released their Christmas ranges in the first week of November in 2018. If the same happens this year, that spells two months of Christmassy lunchtime goodness.

It isn’t just the supermarkets that got into the lunchtime Christmas spirit early last year. Coffee chains like Costa, Starbucks, Pret a Manger, and Café Nero all brought out their Christmas ranges at the start of Nov. 2018, including Christmas drinks selections. Bring on white hot chocolates and gingerbread lattes.


However, while a Christmas meal deal beats any other meal deal any day of the week, there is the issue of choice. When everything looks so delicious, it can be hard to choose where to eat at lunchtime and what you’re supposed to pick. So, here are the top five Christmas sandwiches from years past, which we'll hopefully see coming back around for 2019:

  1. Boots Pigs Under Blankets: With sausage, bacon, and sweet cranberry sauce Boots’ pigs under blankets sandwich has everything you want from a Christmas meal deal.
  2. Asda’s Festive Bubble and Squeak: This sandwich is seriously delicious and not just for vegetarians. The bubble and squeak packs a serious punch and is soft like stuffing and the bread is flavoured with sage and onion.
  3. Marks and Spencer’s Three Bird Roast: If you want a taste of Christmas but can’t quite make up your mind what you want then Marks and Spencer’s three bird roast has a little bit of everything. Turkey with stuffing, chicken, and duck and plum chutney it’s the embodiment of the festive season.
  4. Sainsbury’s The Big Beef: If you need a break from the traditional turkey stuffing sandwiches on offer then Sainsbury’s The Big Beef is definitely a great alternative but you better be hungry. A yorkshire pudding, slice of beef, and gravy between a bread roll it’s ultimate comfort food.
  5. Tesco's Turkey and Trimmings: It may look a little boring by comparison to other sandwiches on offer but you can’t go far wrong with a traditional turkey and the trimmings sandwich.

It may be only just October but lunchtimes are about to become a bit more festive and fun.