KKW Beauty Just Revealed A Major Detail About Its Upcoming Lipstick Launch

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a fan of KKW Beauty, which is Kim Kardashian West's beauty and fragrance brand, then you're well aware that she has been rapidly expanding her product assortment. From contour kits to highlighters to liquid lipsticks to fragrances, KKW Beauty is growing exponentially. Kardashian has been teasing an upcoming lipstick collection, sharing images on both her personal Instagram and via the brand's official feed. She just dropped a massive detail about the KKW lippies, too.

The first lipstick tease showed off a matte nude shade with a golden x tan cast. The latest hint regarding the KKW Beauty lipsticks not only depicts KKW herself wearing a pinky nude shade. It also reveals when we can expect the lippies to land.

According to the caption of the post, the KKW Beauty lipsticks are on deck this summer. The exact month hasn't been revealed yet. It's a nebulous detail that doesn't indicate if the lippies will make their grand arrival in early or late summer.

But that's very likely a strategic move on the makeup mogul and reality star's part. She wants to keep us guessing, on the edge of our seats, and excited about what's coming down the pike and headed straight for our puckers.

Mission accomplished, Kim and KKWB!

How much do you love that powdery pink shade that Kardashian is totally slaying?

The brand enjoyed a soft launch last spring with four Creme Liquid Lipsticks in Kardashian-approved nude shades. Those arrived via the Kylie Cosmetics site and her little sister's already-established platform served as a fitting intro to KKWB. The creamies are now sold via the KKW Beauty website.

The brand officially kicked off the KKW Beauty with contour kits in early summer. It was all about the KKW signature looks.

Perhaps the lipsticks will celebrate the KKW one-year anniversary. We are also left to wonder if they will be lippies in bullet form. Or will there be liquid editions? Will it be a full range of colors? Or only nudes? Perhaps a bullet version of the nude Creme Liquid Lipsticks is on the way? So. Many. Questions.

Let's take a second to marvel at that super soft shade KKW is wearing in the teaser image. It's more of a pink-toned nude and it appears to have a semi-matte texture. It's definitely more pink than the previous tease. The melon pink eyeshadow is certainly picking up some of the pink in her pout, as well. It also looks as thought Kardashian lined her lips with a hue that is a touch darker than the lipstick. That also has us wondering if Kardashian will launch lip liners, too.

The first tease featured a shot of Kardashian’s lips painted with a golden nude that looked incredibly matte, as well. Yes, some fans called attention to the fact that she was showing off serious cleavage. But the eye still wandered upward to marvel at her unique lip shade.

Judging from both teaser images, the KKW Beauty lipsticks look rich, velvety, intensely pigmented, and matte. There's not enough clues, visual or verbal, to indicate if there will be other finishes and textures. But given KKW's love of dropping hints and planting clues on her social media, we're expecting plenty more teases as we inch closer to the debut of KKW Beauty lipsticks.

If you are super impatient, you are going to need to learn how to exercise some patience! However, the Creme Liquid Lipsticks are there for the taking on the site. Stay tuned to the KKW Beauty Instagram and social feeds for additional deets because hints and teases are undoubtedly going to increase as we inch closer and closer to summer.