When Are The NYX Cosmetics Duo Chromatic…

If you want to dabble in the highlighting and strobing trend that has taken the beauty world by storm this last year, then NYX has something very exciting in store for you. The company has released five new affordable highlighters, but when are the NYX Cosmetics Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powders available? You won't have that long to wait, so don't worry.

When most department store brands offer their highlighters for 20 if not more dollars, then investing in a palette can be quite intimidating, especially if you aren't certain the look is something you want to make apart of your regular beauty routine. That's why this new NYX launch is so exciting — the Chromatic Illuminating Powders come in five different shades, and for only eight dollars a pop! And on top of that, they give you a very specific, chromatic finish. "The illuminators have been formulated with unique chromatic pearls that create a holographic finish on your cheekbones, your collarbone, the inner corners of your eyes, or wherever else you feel like putting them," Refinery 29 reported.

You can make all five shades yours come Dec. 28. From warm rose shades to icy blue illuminators, the highlighters will be able to help you achieve any glowing beauty look you've been itching to create. Below are their exciting new shades:

1. Twilight Tint

Twilight Tint, $8, NYX Cosmetics

An icy blue, silvery-white finish.

2. Crushed Bloom

Crushed Bloom, $8, NYX Cosmetics

For when you want a dusty pink highlight in your makeup look.

3. Snow Rose

Snow Rose, $8, NYX Cosmetics

A cool lavender highlight, this will add a dreamy shimmer to the apples of your cheeks.

4. Synthetica

Synthetica,$8, NYX Cosmetics

This rose-bronze undertone will add a beautiful dose of warmth to your face.

5. Lavender Steel

Lavender Steel,$8, NYX Cosmetics

A lavender powder with blue undertones, this illuminator will help bring a cool touch to your makeup look.

Any and all of these can be yours come Dec. 28 so mark your calendar! For the price of two coffees you can have department store quality highlighters in your arsenal, which is something you definitely don't want to pass up.

Images: NYX Cosmetics (5)