Clues Will & Grace's Parents Won't Be The Only Couple Tying The Knot In Season 10

Chris Haston/NBC

Following its triumphant 2017 return, the Will & Grace revival is back for a second (but technically 10th) season. The cast has teased big changes for Will, Grace, and the like, but something that's been missing from most promos is Marilyn and Martin's wedding on Will & Grace. (Reminder: Last we saw of the happy couple, comprised of Will's mother and Grace's father, they'd just gotten engaged).

But lest you're under the impression that Will & Grace will ignore its season finale like it ignored its previous series finale, a preview clip confirms that Martin and Marilyn will walk down the aisle. And yes, Karen and Jack are absolutely delighted that his union makes Will and Grace officially brother and sister — much as it may pain them.

In response to the aforementioned clip, a fan on Twitter asked if the wedding would be going down in the first episode and the Will & Grace account replied, "Guess you'll find out October 4" with the smirking emoji. It was the same emoji that the Twitter account used when it had reminded viewers a few days earlier that "wedding bells" were in Martin and Marilyn's future. So the series is most definitely relishing in being coy about when Martin and Marilyn will tie the knot, even if it's already basically confirmed that it will happen pretty soon.

Still, that doesn't mean fans will actually get to see the big day go down. Robert Klein, who took over the role of Martin when original actor Alan Arkin couldn't join the revival, has no Season 10 episodes listed on his IMDb page. There also don't appear to be any behind-scenes photos of him on social media, as there are with Blythe Danner (Marilyn) — stars Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Eric McCormack have all featured pictures teasing her return this season. Yet, in all of their posts, Danner is in Marilyn's usual garb — not anything bridal, like a wedding dress. And the clip of Will and Grace only shows them sulking post-nuptials, not during. Could that Marilyn and Martin's wedding won't be televised? Time will tell.

Elsewhere, Will & Grace appears to be teasing wedding bells for a far more integral character — Jack. After years of never having a serious relationship, he also became engaged last season to his flight attendant fling, Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez). And while there's plenty of reasons to believe Jack won't actually make it down the aisle, Will & Grace has been dropping plenty of hints that someone will get married. "Being single is so last season," reads a teaser clip of Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack all leaping to catch the bride's bouquet.

After Marilyn and Martin's engagement, Will told Grace they needed to, "make some changes." And their parents' impending marriage does seem to be the impetus they need to shake up their lives. Perhaps for one (or both) of them, that means following in their parents footsteps right to the altar.