'Beyond' Season 2 May Bring In New Threats

Ed Araquel/Freeform

Freeform's new original series, Beyond, has been one of 2017's earliest successes, which should come as a relief to fans. It means that even though the first season's finale airs on Monday, Feb. 27, Beyond Season 2 has already been confirmed by the network. In fact, Beyond was renewed for Season 2 just after its successful January premiere, as reported by Variety. Freeform president Tom Ascheim made the announcement at a Television Critics' Association panel, simultaneously breaking the news to both press and Beyond's cast and creative team. According to Variety, all present seemed thrilled at the series' early success.

Part of that success likely stemmed from its somewhat unique release strategy. On the same day that Beyond premiere aired on Freeform, all 10 episodes of Season 1 became available on the network's streaming app. Between the two platforms, the series was able to generate 14 million viewers, though Variety explained that the total includes people who watched online for any amount of time, even if it was just seconds.

But clearly, Freeform was happy with the ratings, so Beyond will be back on our TVs and computers. Now the only question is, when? Unfortunately, Season 2 hasn't received a release date yet. The teaser below only cryptically says, "Season 2 is coming."

But based on Freeform's recent scheduling decisions, it's most likely that the series will return in January 2018. Shadowhunters' first and second seasons premiered almost exactly a year apart, and it's likely that Beyond will follow suit, especially given the cast, crew, and network haven't mentioned anything about production starting yet. At the absolute soonest, it could come back in late Fall 2017, much like Stitchers had a nine-month difference between its first and second seasons.

Creator Tim Kring hasn't said anything about what will happen in Beyond's second season, but given that it's only been a few weeks since the series both premiered and was renewed, it's very possible that he, David Eick, and the rest of the crew haven't even started piecing it together yet. Right now, the biggest clues we have about what's ahead come from a TV Guide interview with stars Burkely Duffield (Holden) and Jonathan Whitesell (Luke). "I think the end of Season 1 definitely sets up some interesting points where they can bound off ... There's some duos and some antagonists that are definitely still wanting a piece of Holden," Whitesell said.

Both actors are also looking forward to seeing where their characters' relationship will go from here. "It's a relationship that's been growing and right near the end it started to hit that kilter where it was before," Duffield told TV Guide. "To be able to propel into the next season on the same side, I think, for the Matthews brothers is going to be pretty cool. "

After the events of the first season, Holden not only has a better grip on his powers, but he's much more mature. That means the second season will likely try to piece together more of the Realm's mysteries and explain just what's going on. Because after 10 episodes, the only thing that is totally clear is that Willa and Holden are meant to be, so Beyond Season 2 has lots of questions to answer.