When Can You Buy BITE Everyday Agave Lip Collection In Stores? Get Ready For Super Soft, Exfoliated Lips

While there is a certain thrill that accompanies shopping online — like waiting impatiently for that package to arrive — you can't replace the tactile and sensory experience of shopping in stores, especially with beauty products. You want to see, smell, and touch them IRL. BITE Beauty Everyday Agave Lip Collection, featuring a delish exfoliant scrub made of brown sugar, vanilla extract, and pineapple enzymes, a mask, and a balm, is seriously a First Aid Kit for your lips. The BITE Everyday Agave Lip Collection is $18 and is currently shoppable via the Sephora site. But when can you buy it at physical Sephora locations after test-driving its magical powers?

The BITE Everyday Agave lip trio hits Sephora outposts on Friday, Jan. 13, according to a post on the official BITE Beauty Instagram account. If you prefer to experience a product first-hand before plunking down your hard-earned cash, well, you can do so shortly. The BITE Everyday Agave Lip Scrub is certainly buzzing — even Kat Von D used it to soothe her battered pout after swatching tons of new shades of her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. That's quite an endorsement.

Have a look at the elements of the Everyday Agave set. It's quite yummy.

With winter's wind and chill, you need to keep your pucker in lip top, er, tip top shape! The BITE Everyday Agave products are up for that task. Your lips are the canvas of a perfectly painted pout and they need to be healthy and smooth.

This is the caption accompanying the Insta post, confirming the Sephora in-store date. IDK about you, but I love hitting up Sephora and playing with products for, like, two hours before making purchases.

A rich, moisturizing balm is an essential tool for a soft smacker.

The ingredients list makes my mouth water.

A backing from Kat Von D is pretty powerful. If you need to make a trip to Sephora soon, you may as well wait until Jan. 13 so you can try the Everyday Agave set in person.

Images: BITE Beauty/Instagram (3)