Here's Exactly When Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection Will Be Released

Fenty Beauty was the makeup launch heard around the world, and now the brand is back with another bang. According to an email from the brand, Fenty Beauty created the Galaxy Collection, which will be around for the holidays. It's filled with even more lip products and the brand's first-ever eyeshadows. So when can you buy Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection, you ask? Get your wallets ready, because launch day is right around the corner.

If you thought the original launch of this brand was good, prepare to be blown away. According to the Instagram post, Fenty Beauty's Galaxy Collection is filled with eight lip products, three liquid liners, and their very first eyeshadow palette. In just two launches, the brand has covered everything you need to get a full Fenty Face.

The Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection will be available on Oct. 13 on the Sephora website. That's plenty of time to shop for a lucky friend — or, more likely, for yourself.

Bustle reached out to see if the collection will be limited edition or stick around for longer, but the brand was unable to comment. Fingers crossed that it will be available for a while, because these products look just too good.

Along with the exciting first-ever launches in the collection, the colors are absolutely stunning. The eyeshadows include bright pops of pink, blue, purple, and orange. This will also be the first time that colored glosses are available in the line. All the glosses seem to match the twist-up lipsticks, too.

The collection will create a killer look for everyone, but especially seems to flatter black and brown skin tones. I mean, look at those shadow colors.

The collection comes not even a month after the original launch of Fenty. People were blow away that the brand launched with 40 foundation shades in their first release. Fans were questioning why none of the original 90 products were eye productions, but it looks like Rihanna was working away at a entire collection without fans even knowing it.

Fans were also buzzing about why the brand decided to launch with only one lip product. Until the collection comes out on Oct. 13, Fenty Beauty only offers one inclusive lip gloss that is said to look gorgeous on all skin tones. Soon you'll have the chance to try four lipsticks and four colored glosses by the brand, too.

There's no word on whether the collection will be sold individually or as a set. Considering that the original Fenty Beauty launch was all available in bundles and on their own, there's a good chance that this one will as well.

While some brands opt to come up with subtle colors for the holidays, Rihanna is starting out with a bang. The eleven-shade palette does not skimp on the color. Nor do the lip products. Honestly, after seeing how the brand broke the mold on their first launch, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Fans are already loving the new products, despite there not being any swatches of the shades. Either way, the short Instagram video of the holographic packaging had fans pledging their allegiance on Twitter, proving that it's a hit before it's even here.

According to an email to Bustle, the brand said that they are waiting to release further information until the week of Oct. 13, when the products will be released. Unfortunately, that means that the price is being kept under wraps until then. Just to be safe, I'd get those pennies together while you still have time.

Get ready, Fenty devotees. This Galaxy Collection looks out of this world.